How Corteco excels with process conformity through the TecCom Excellence Program

Corteco, one of the leading international IAM specialists for seals, vibration control technology, chassis components and cabin air filters, has been using our TecCom order platform for more than a decade. In our last blog post, we described how Corteco improves order processing internationally with TecCom. Now Corteco has decided to participate in the TecCom Excellence Program, which is a decisive step forward in terms of operational efficiency, data quality and customer satisfaction.

Project description: Striving for the highest quality and optimized communication

As Corteco also wants to offer the highest quality in its communication with customers, the company has decided to participate in the TecCom Excellence Program. This includes verification procedures for compliance with TecCom standards. In order to achieve this goal, several validation rounds were carried out, in which 27,550 documents from four categories (synchronous response to inquiries and orders, order response, delivery notification, invoice) were checked. The review covered several Corteco organizations, including France, Spain, the UK, Germany and Italy. This intensive audit provides a comprehensive insight into the status of message quality, which is directly linked to customer satisfaction.

Outcome: Increased operational efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction

“We are committed to ensure the highest quality for our customers, in our products as well as in our communication. With the TecCom Excellence Program, we have made significant progress in the areas of operational efficiency, data quality and customer satisfaction.”
Carsten Schwartau, Director Customer Care at Corteco

Through an in-depth analysis of message quality, it was possible to identify areas for action that contribute significantly to meeting the industry standard. The findings have made it possible to strive for targeted improvements in order to increase the efficiency and precision of work processes in various areas of Corteco. By adapting processes to the TecCom standard, for example, customers now benefit from improved reliability of information in the membership profile and a more precise display of canceled items in the order response. In addition, roundings in the order response are now reported back correctly, which leads to improvements in the dispatch advice. These changes have enabled customers to better prepare for goods receipt. The optimizations help to meet the needs of customers even better. The company is strengthening customer satisfaction and consolidating its position in the market, particularly through increased transparency and automation.

With the successful completion of the TecCom Excellence Program, Corteco achieves the status of a certified supplier with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The final result can be viewed in the TecCom Portal.

Collaboration: Association of expertise

Carsten Schwartau describes the collaboration in the following way: “During the project, TecAlliance and Corteco worked closely together. Thanks to the experts from TecCom, we were able to gain a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the Excellence Program and the platform guidelines. Based on this, individually tailored measures could be developed, taking into account our established processes.”

Jan-Luka Meirich, Technical Consultant at TecAlliance, highlights the joint efforts associated with the TecCom Excellence Program. “As part of the TecCom Excellence Program, the analysis of the existing TecCom processes was put to the test. The cooperation with Corteco was always very pleasant and we were able to develop some suggestions for improvement together. These proposals were then successfully implemented by the SAP team.”

Conclusion: Quality, innovation and cooperation as the key to success

Corteco’s success in the Excellence Program underlines the relevance of quality standards and process conformity. By continuously improving its processes and focusing on customer satisfaction, the company has consolidated its market position. This shows how commitment to quality, innovation and cooperation leads to sustainable success.