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Portfolio Analytics

Competitor analysis for your portfolio

Optimise your product portfolio based on TecDoc product data analytics. Make data-driven decisions and easily analyse your opportunities.

Unlock hidden sales opportunities

Using TecDoc’s comprehensive catalogue data, as well as VIO and catalogue usage data, we provide actionable insights to optimise your range and identify market gaps.


Maximise Sales

Tailor your product range to actual market demands and boost your sales based on analytics data.

Market Intelligence

Identify gaps, opportunities, and threats in the market, and act before your competitors do.

Global Reach

Operate with insights relevant to regional, country, or worldwide markets based on our comprehensive VIO data.

Identify market gaps and expand your range

Our cloud-based tool provides actionable insights to optimise your range, identify market gaps, and outperform competitors. It’s not just about having data; it’s about having the right data and knowing how to use it.

Comprehensive analytics

Capitalise on TecDoc’s exhaustive catalogue data, VIO information, and usage stats for a 360-degree view of the market landscape.

Fast insights

Reduce effort to research missing parts and quickly receive valuable reports leading to easier argumentation and smart decision making. 


Simplified reporting

Benefit from customisable, user-friendly reports that make interpreting data a breeze, saving you time for strategic planning and execution.

Get insights on your performance step-by-step

Product managers can use the knowledge gained to supplement existing catalogue data in a targeted manner. In this way, the vehicle coverage can be noticeably improved.

“The fact that we can now react directly to the current vehicle population in the respective markets is an enormous time-saver. It is no longer a manual search, but we can generate reports automatically and the time saved is simply enormous."

Kristin Steinhorst
Head of Sales | AIC Germany

Ready to grow your sales based on analytics data?

In today’s fiercely competitive automotive parts landscape, making data-driven decisions is more than just an edge—it’s a necessity.