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quick invoice verifications

Fair and transparent SMR costing

Our innovative solution brings together speed, accuracy, and fairness in verifying your service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) quotations and invoices using manufacturer-compliant data.

Fast, accurate, and fair quotation and verification

Check and verify your service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) quotations and invoices against manufacturer-compliant data.


Accurate Costing

Use manufacturer-compliant data including overlap calculation to verify your SMR costs, ensuring you're being quoted and invoiced fairly.

Efficient Validation

Designed to save you time. With precise and reliable cost information, you'll be able to validate invoices and quotations swiftly and accurately.

Increased Transparency

Enhance transparency between you and your service providers and easily check work position numbers, parts numbers and prices.

Precise costing for smarter decisions

Access reference values and spare parts prices independently of the manufacturer. Based on OE data that is always up-to-date, cost estimates and invoices can be checked quickly and conveniently online.


QUICK also provides access to our TecRMI® repair and maintenance data and enables automatic calculation of the manufacturer-defined compound work and the spare parts required for it.

Vehicle & job selection

Define your vehicle manufacturer, model and type, the necessary jobs as well as conditions like vehicle age or milage

Calculation algorithm

Automatic integration of OE-parts and OE-pricing information, repair times as well as overlap calculation.


Final calculation including spare parts with OE-numbers and prices, labor values with work position numbers as well as estimate of total repair cost.

Check workshop cost estimates fast and easy

TecFleet QUICK is your new web-based solution for calculating and checking maintenance and wear costs. All in the cloud, available 24 hours a day and updated in real time.

Flexible search

Identify your vehicle either by make, model, type, national code, license plate or VIN.

Easy process

Graphical selection of repair jobs and search functionality based on free text.

100% OEM-compliant

Included pricing data is country specific & always up-to-date including part numbers & labour codes.

“QUICK is a very efficient tool that supports me in my daily work. With just a few clicks, I can determine maintenance and wear costs in no time at all, and the variable input options make it extremely flexible to use. I wouldn't want to work without it anymore!"

Jens Grotheer
Head of Technology/Service | MHC Mocility

Streamline operations with rapid invoice checks

TecFleet Quick isn’t just a tool – it’s your strategic partner in fleet management, designed to enhance transparency, improve financial control, and save you precious time.