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Highest Quality Data

Make sure to get the best out of your data

Only with flawless data vehicles and their spare parts can be determined unambiguously and without errors. We ensure that your data match the information needs at the point of service.

Amplify your market presence and competitive stance

Our strategic approach to data management aligns suppliers with evolving industry demands, future-proofing their operations and offerings.


Brand Image

High-quality, accurate data boosts brand reliability and trust among consumers and partners.

Reduced Returns

Higher data quality minimizes incorrect orders, thereby reducing return rates and related costs.

Increased Sales

Precision in product data can lead to improved conversion rates by enabling customers to make informed decisions.


High data quality sets suppliers apart from competitors who may offer less accurate or detailed information.


Precise data allows for optimised inventory management through informed insights into product demands and market trends.

Vehicle Types
Vehicle Linkages
Article Data
Standardised Products

The new gold standard in TecDoc data quality

With our “Premier Data Supplier” certification, we honour the commitment of data suppliers whose data meet the high-quality standards in a special way and thus contribute to sustainable sales success.

Premier Data Supplier (PDS)

Meet all our Certified Data Supplier criteria and other significantly more stringent content requirements. KPIs also encompass aspects of product content.

Certified Data Supplier (CDS)

Already meets specific requirements for TecDoc data maintenance to a high degree. KPIs target basic TecDoc guidelines.

Discover new market opportunities

Analyse your portfolio based on vehicle statistics, OE-data or competitor analysis. Find gaps in your product range and increase sales in your core markets.

Ready to increase the quality of your product data?

Join our data quality initiative and make sure you are submitting the best data possible. Let one of our consultants walk you through on how to optimise your spare parts data.