Reliable predictions of your maintenance & wear cost

Automatic calculation of service, maintenance and repair cost (SMART) for a predefined time period and mileage based on manufacturer-compliant data

Easily predict the total cost of ownership for your car park

TecFleet SMART is our solution for reliable forecasts and predictions for efficient planning of your maintenance and repair costs. Our standardised database is manufacturer-compliant and constantly updated.

With our underlying smart algorithm we are making sure you are getting the most accurate cost calculations for your fleet.

Whether you are a leasing, insurance, rental company or manage a large corporate fleet, SMART makes calculations of running cost faster and more precise.

  • Based on OE-data
  • Manufacturer job codes, part numbers & prices
  • Integration of TecDoc® & TecRMI®
  • Campatible with our TecFleet EASY & QUICK modules

Achieve price certainty and quality for you and your customers

With SMART, you have a comprehensive overview of all important information for contract preparation at all times. Access your calculation history, use the benchmark functionality and use the data export to access your information anytime and anywhere.

SMART integrates perfectly with your processes. You can design your inputs and calculation parameters completely freely or choose vehicle contract times and mileage. You have the option of making many detailed entries at many different levels. Choose between new and used vehicles or weigh up the use of different warranty services and packages.

SMART integrates easily with many different contract management systems.


Vehicle selection

Define your vehicle manufacturer, model and type. Add your contract lengths as well as mileage


Calculation algorithm

Based on your set of predefined, individual parameters our smart algorithm takes over the work



Exact calculation of your expected service, maintenance & repair cost including:

  • Overall cost
  • Cent per Kilometre
  • Monthly rate

Unique combination of OEM-data, time & mileage selection and scalable rules

Continuously updated, standardised and vehicle manufacturer-compliant data. Together with the sophisticated calculation algorithm, it forms the basis for exceptionally reliable calculations

OEM-compliant data

Our calculations are based on the latest data from vehicle manufacturers


Available for 16 countries across Europe in a total of 24 different languages

Easy identification

Identify your vehicles to be calculated comfortably by JATO codes

Latest technology

Highly customisable solution based on state-of-the-art IT architecture

Automatic calculation of the composite work

Integrated TecRMI® repair and maintenance data enables automatic calculation of the composite work defined by the vehicle manufacturer and the spare parts required for it


Completely customise your entries and calculation parameters

Export functionality

Rich export functionalities including Microsoft® Power BI Business Data Analytics

Easy access

Accessible via our online portal, web service or download as data package

Easy to use

Calculation of all possible run times of your vehicles in one step

Question? Talk to an expert about how to precisely forecast your SMR cost

Let one of our consultants walk you through on how TecFleet SMART can streamline your process of predicting your total cost of ownership.


All data is a 100% manufacturer compliant

Smart algorithm

Algorithm-based cost calcultion

Easily accessible

Online portal, web service & data package download

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