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smart cost predictions

Automate your fleet maintenance and cost calculation

Maximise your efficiency and profitability with precise, manufacturer-compliant fleet maintenance cost calculations. 

Predict your maintenance cost

Whether you are a leasing, insurance, rental company or manage a large corporate fleet. SMART makes your calculations of cost faster and more precise.


Smart Calculations

We do the math for you, automatically calculating expected service, maintenance, and wear cost.

Full Transparency

Overview of all important information for contract preparation including calculation history and benchmarks.


The most accurate cost projections in the market including job codes, work position numbers and prices.

Fully Customisable

SMART allows you to set prefefined time periods and mileage, providing you with tailored cost analysis.

Easy Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of contract management systems in your existing workflow.

Three easy steps to take control of your cost

Say goodbye to unexpected costs, time-consuming calculations, and the stress of maintenance planning.


Discover a new level of precision and efficiency in managing your fleet’s service, maintenance, and wear costs with our advanced software, built on manufacturer-compliant data.

Vehicle selection

Define your vehicle manufacturer, model and type, also by JATO codes. Add your custom contract length as well as mileage.

Calculation algorithm

Based on your set of predefined, individual parameters our smart algorithm takes over the work and starts the calculation.


Exact calculation of your expected service, maintenance and wear cost including overall cost, cent per kilometre and monthly rate.

Unmatched adaptability and customisability

TecFleet Smart is designed with your unique fleet management needs in mind. Explore the advantages of a platform designed to flex with your needs, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness at every turn.

TecRMI integration

Integrated TecRMI data enables automatic calculation of the composite work and the parts required defined by the Vehicle Manufacturer.

Versatile export

Export your custom reports and key data to various formats, such as Excel or PDF or feed them into Microsoft® Power BI Business Data Analytics.

Custom forecasting

Design your inputs completely freely and choose between new and used vehicles and different warranty services and packages.

The first step towards smarter fleet management

Don’t let your fleet maintenance costs surprise you. Explore the advantages of a platform designed to flex with your needs, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness at every turn.