Easily perform digital service book entries

TecRMI Service Book offers a standardised and simple process for recording online service book entries for various vehicle manufacturers. With just a few clicks, you can carry out your entries in a standardised and manufacturer-compliant way.

Easy to use & setup

TecRMI Service Book makes your service book entries as easy and comfortable as possible

  • Accessible as a web application via desktop or tablet
  • Dashboard with all created entries
  • Technical validation of the entries by our automotive specialists
  • We carry out the actual service book entry in the manufacturer portals for you

One standardised & simple process for all your service book entries

An increasing number of vehicle manufacturers are offering the service book in a digital form to store all maintenance and service work online. The digitalised documentation prevents manipulation; consumers thus benefit from greater transparency.

However, it also results in additional efforts for independent workshops. With the help of the solution TecRMI Service Book, online service book entries can be carried out in a standardised and manufacturer-compliant way with simply a few clicks.

The transmitted entries are furthermore technically validated by our TecRMI automotive specialists and transferred to the vehicle manufacturer portals.

  • Time & cost savings
  • Reduced administrative effort
  • 100% manufacturer compliant

“With the TecRMI Service Book both our 240 own branches and our franchise partners can record electronic service book entries across all manufacturers in a standardised process. The intuitive user interface and the noticeable reduction in workload in day-to-day business have resulted in a high level of acceptance among staff at the branches.”
(February 2022)

Sebastian Greiser, Head of Corporate Development Germany, EUROMASTER

Login & dashboard access

  • Overview about your entries and their status
  • Internal service history

Process of your digital service book entry

Vehicle identification is supported by the intelligent search using the vehicle identification number.

The entry of data follows a process that is uniform across all vehicle manufacturers. Based on the integrated TecRMI repair and maintenance data, the manufacturer-compliant maintenance and additional service work for the selected vehicle is displayed.

Finally, the recorded data can be reviewed in an overview and transmitted to TecRMI for entry.

“We are using the TecRMI Service Book from TecAlliance as a useful support for our numerous branches. Especially the user-friendly interface, as well as the easy handling, lead to time savings and quality improvement. The password management is also very helpful in keeping a central overview.”

Benjamin Gartenmaier, Sales Lead Key Account Management, Pneuhage Service GmbH

Benefit from time savings and increased efficiency

The TecRMI Service Book is your central point of contact for entering maintenance work in the vehicle manufacturer’s digital service book. Thanks to the standardised processes, the entry is structured in the same way for each vehicle manufacturer.

In addition, an internal system service history is available to you. With the help of the TecRMI Service Book, you can therefore focus on your operational workshop business and significantly reduce your administrative workload.

  • One login for all brands
  • Standardised workflow across all manufacturers
  • Ensuring manufacturer compliance
  • Ease of use
  • Creation of an internal service history
  • Reduction of administrative work

Want to see it in action?

Let one of our consultants walk you through TecRMI Service Book and discover how you can carry out your entries in a standardised and manufacturer-compliant way.

Easily integrate TecRMI Service Book into your own system landscape

Your own catalogue or ERP systems can be connected to the TecRMI Service Book via a shopping basket interface. The best possible use is achieved when TecRMI data is already used in the existing systems.

By connecting to in-house systems, direct vehicle identification and automated transfer of data regarding main and additional service work are possible.

Optimised processes

Increased efficiency

Direct vehicle identification

Reduced cost & effort

Plausibility check for quality assurance

TecRMI Service Book allows you to compare the daily invoiced job sheets with your TecRMI Service Book entries.

Billed cases identified as relevant but not recorded in TecRMI Service Book are created automatically in the dashboard. The workshop is then requested by e-mail to validate and complete the process.

The TecRMI Service Book thus ensures that all necessary digital service book entries are carried out and prevents possible value reduction at the time of vehicle remarketing.

“With TecRMI Service Book, we have responded to the concrete needs in the market and are making life easier for independent workshops. Our mission is to actively support the independent aftermarket in its daily business and offer intelligent solutions for the digitalisation of processes. Our new tool helps to increase efficiency in the workshop while ensuring sustainable quality.”

Christian Bergmann, Vice President Product, TecRMI

Ready to get started?

For registration please have the following documents ready for upload:

  • ID card of an autorized representative of your workshop
  • Document of business registration (Gewerbeanmeldung/Handelsregisterauszug)
  • A blank page of your company stationary
  • Your IBAN/BIC for the SEPA direct debit

Question? Talk to an expert about performing service book entries easily

Let one of our consultants walk you through TecRMI Service Book and discover how you can carry out your entries in a standardised and manufacturer-compliant way.

Easy to use

Quick setup & access via browser

Manufacturer compliant

Guaranteed manufacturer compliant thanks to TecRMI

Higher efficiency

Save time & cost with our streamlined process

Easy integration

Connect your own catalogue or ERP system

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