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Our OE Data substantiates part compatibility and quality. Minimise wrong orders and align your offerings with market demands.

Carefully researched and analysed OE parts data

In the TecDoc system, OE data serves as a foundational reference, ensuring that all listed parts, whether they are from OEMs or aftermarket manufacturers, are accurately represented and can be effectively matched to specific vehicles.


OE data ensures that the information regarding a specific part is accurate as per the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Cross referencing

Using OE data, aftermarket parts can be cross-referenced to ensure they are suitable replacements or equivalents to the original parts.

Vehicle linkage

With accurate OE data, TecDoc can effectively link specific parts to particular vehicle models, ensuring that users can find the exact parts suitable for their vehicles.

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Our OE data empowers you to make informed decisions, enhance your product offerings, and ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

Data Collection

Comprehensive make and model data, which includes detailed information about various vehicle makes and models.Available for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.


The Make and Model Data is analysed in comparison to Electronic Parts Catalogues (EPCs). These EPCs are essential references that contain specific information about original equipment (OE) spare parts.


The results of this analysis are then integrated into our product management database. This database is a centralized repository that houses all the data relevant to spare parts and OE references.


You can then access this database and get information to perform various tasks, including product analysis and gap analysis.

Product analysis

You can use the OE data to analyse and understand the compatibility of your products with specific vehicle makes and models. This helps to ensure that your products are suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

Gap analysis

By comparing the data against your existing product portfolio, you can identify gaps or areas where your product offerings may be incomplete or lacking. This information is valuable for product development and expansion.

Cross referencing

We provide you with the ability to cross-reference OE (Original Equipment) references to the aftermarket. This means you can match OE spare part numbers to their aftermarket equivalents. It simplifies the process of finding and sourcing the right replacement parts.

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