Transparent and complete overview of all the ITGs membership structures

Frequent changes and the high level of complexity make it challenging to maintain an overview of the membership structure of international trading groups. With TecAlliance’s cloud-based solution myITG®, suppliers always have a complete, up-to-date picture of membership and local structures.

Complete and updated ITG membership structure information. Always.

Takeovers, join dates, leave dates, or name changes of all ITGs are easily accessible in one place. 

Always up-to-date

Global membership structures, including unique member & customer mapping via myITG ID

Get the full picture

Detailed member information, including company size & annual sales figures

Never miss out

Get instant notifications regarding joining and leaving dates of ITG members

Access everywhere

myITG® is cloud-based and easily accessible via your web browser

Full control and overview of your data per ITG member

Now it is possible to connect your data with our data in one tool to have the best overview per member/customer possible.

Download the ITG structure

Full access to the ITGs membership structure and the ability to upload this into your own CRM system

Upload of customers (only necessary by usage of myMeetings)

It is possible to upload your customer CRM list into the tool to match your customers with the ITG members with an map overview

ITG membership records

The file contains all current and historical join and leave dates from all ITG members

Sales data (only necessary by usage of myMeetings)

Uploading sales data in this tool enables a comprehensive overview in the myMeeting of the revenue per customer/member

ITG reporting unified

  • All ITGs are committed to receive your Bonus-reports in one single structure (myITG Reporting Structure). Align your systems with our myITG Reporting Groups instead of creating ITG-individual reports.

New and harmonized way of reporting to all ITGs

The myITG Reporting Structure enables a totally separate and secure way to report to all ITGs derived from the TecDoc Product Groups.

“We at Global One Automotive find that a uniform reporting structure makes communication much easier for all parties involved. With the new myITG Reporting Structure, we can better map, standardise and automate our internal processes. We welcome all our partners to implement these structures in the future!”

Kai Ballsieper, Supplier Management Director, Global One International


Standardised information about ITG membership structures and upcoming events


Access all your inputs and ITG information on the spot, including your meeting history


Get inputs from all your stakeholders & filter requests for specific trading groups


Effortlessly distribute your outputs & get updated member info for your bonus negotiations

Finally, one place to manage your whole ITG meeting process

Parts manufacturers dealing with several international trading groups often struggle with the adequate preparation of meetings at major ITG events. Information is wide-spread across various different channels, and preparation involves several internal stakeholders across departments and locations.

We offer a cloud solution for suppliers to be able to collaboratively plan meetings across different departments & locations.

What our customers are saying 📣

“For us, the main advantages consist in an easy and quick overview of all ITG shareholders and members showing their structure and their locations. This reporting structure helps us enormously as excellent basis and support for the preparation of ITG conventions, talks and follow-ups and displays us a great overall view of all ITG events.”

Dolores Ubina Arques, Key Account Manager International Trading Groups

“Our global sales department receives the myITG meeting client and enters all the details. The colleagues on site can access this information easily in preparation for the ongoing speed meetings.”

Stefan Knaack, Stefan Knaack, VP Global Key Account

Perfectly plan, execute, and follow-up your next big ITG events

Get all your relevant trading group information in a standardised format. Set-up & collaboratively prepare your meetings.

Schedule & plan ahead

Global ITG event calendar & meeting client to select and set-up meetings

Spread the news

Add minutes or to-dos and automatically distribute them to your team

Collaborate with your teams

Collect input from all the relevant stakeholders across departments & locations

Do your research

Access your event history and look up the documentation of previous meetings

“We worked with spreadsheets before, which were filled in by Sales for each ITG. With myITG we have a centralised, unified structure that allows parallel work in the cloud, which enables high-quality meetings”

Michael Daniel Schatz, Strategy Manager

Get started today

Whether you need the appropriate information to prepare for your next big buying group meeting or want to unleash the full potential of myITG® & collaboratively manage it end-to-end with your whole team.


Global Membership Information

Gather all the information about global ITG membership structures

Free for TecDoc® Data Suppliers

  • Global ITG structure
  • Detailed info via myITG ID
  • Joining/leaving dates
  • Cloud-based access


Connect our data to your own systems

Easily connect our standardised ITG data with your CRM/ERP system

from 4.000€/year*

Everything in Basic plus:

  • Customer mapping & linkage to your own CRM/ERP system
  • Global ITG event calendar
  • Download global ITG membership structure

*Supplier S (<8 Mio.)/M/L (>60 Mio.)= 4.000€ /8.000€/12.000€/a


All-in-one meeting & event planner

Plan, prepare, execute & follow-up your meetings at ITG events

from 5.000€/year*

Everything in Plus plus:

  • Easy meeting scheduling
  • Meeting minutes & to-do-lists
  • Distribution of meeting notes
  • Meeting history
  • Unlimited users
  • Reporting template

*Supplier S (<8 Mio.)/M/L (>60 Mio.)= 5.000€ /10.000€/15.000€/a

Question? Talk to an expert about managing your ITG meeting process

Let one of our consultants walk you through the myITG platform and discover how our all-in-one ITG event solution will help you streamline your next meeting preparation.


Standardised ITG member & event information


Gather inputs from your internal stakeholders


Plan your meetings & access previous notes


Distribute your outputs on the fly

Get in touch with Sales

TecDoc myITG