Manage Your ITG Relations

Navigate trading groups seamlessly in one platform

Discover a platform designed specifically for parts manufacturers, bringing clarity, organisation, and transparency to your interactions with international trading groups. 

Redefine the way you interact with trading groups

Step into an ecosystem where advanced data harmonisation, precise reporting, and collaborative planning are at your fingertips.


Always Up-to-Date

Get the latest global membership information, including unique member to customer mapping via myITG ID.

Unified Reporting

The myITG reporting structure enables separate and secure reporting to all ITGs derived from the TecDoc product groups.

Map Your Own Data

Merge your CRM and Sales data with our data in one tool to have the best overview per member/customer possible.

"The easy and quick overview of all ITG shareholders and members showing their structure and locations is a big advantage. The reporting helps us as an excellent basis for the preparation of conventions, talks and follow-ups."

Dolores Ubina Arques
Key Account Manager | MANN+HUMMEL

Supporting your whole ITG collaboration processes

Analyse your portfolio based on vehicle statistics, OE-data or competitor analysis. Find gaps in your product range and increase sales in your core markets.

Always up-to-date member information

Takeovers, join and leave dates, or name changes are easily accessible in one place. Including unique member to customer mapping.

Get the full picture

Detailed member information including company size and annual sales figures.

Access everywhere

Cloud-based and easily accessible via your web browser on any device. 

Never miss out

Get instant notifications regarding joining and leaving dates of ITG members. 

Full overview of your data per ITG member

Now it is possible to connect your CRM or Sales data with our myITG data to have the best overview per member/customer possible.

Data download

Sync our always up-to-date ITG membership structures with your own CRM system.

Sync customer data

Upload your customer CRM list and match your customer data with the ITG membership lists.

Add sales data

Upload sales data for a comprehensive overview of the revenue per customer/member.

Harmonised Reporting to All your ITGs

All ITGs are committed to receive your Bonus-reports in one single structure. Align your systems with our myITG Reporting Groups instead of creating ITG-individual reports.

Based on TecDoc

The reporting structure is based on TecDoc Generic Articles which makes it easy to map your data.

Detailed Reporting

Our reporting tool will recognize the right structure in the ITG hierarchy and the product structure.

Offline and Secure

Templates can be downloaded into your own systems to work disconnected from myITG.

Plan, execute, and follow-up your next events

Get all your relevant trading group information in a standardised format. Set-up & collaboratively prepare all your meetings for the next big event.

Plan Ahead

Global ITG event calendar and meeting client to select and set-up your next meetings.

Do Your Research

Access your event history and look up the documentation of previous meetings.

Spread the News

Add minutes or to-dos and automatically distribute them to your team members.

"The unified reporting structure makes communication much easier for all parties involved. We can better map, standardise and automate our internal processes. We welcome all our partners to implement myITG in the future!”

Kai Balsieper
Supplier Management Director | Global One International

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