Instant Data Processing (IDP) – Regular Downtimes

The new products TecDoc ONE, IDP Data Supplier API and TecDoc Data Wave for Data Suppliers as well as IDP Data Receiver API are all based on the new Instant Data Processing (IDP) Platform. This is generally available 24/7 for your data updates and data retrievals. We reserve the right to take the systems offline for approx. 30 minutes every 14 days in order to install new functions, improvements and error corrections. The schedule for these regular interruptions to availability can be found here.

Data Delivery Deadlines

This document contains all deadlines for the classic TecDoc data supply chain in a clearly arranged table view.
Please note that there is another one (see above) with additional information for the new Instant Data Processing delivery channels.

TecDoc Catalogue Interface Descriptions

Please find the entire description of the TecDoc Standard (TecDoc Data Format) in this document.
It should be used to understand TecDoc, build TAF files and/or process TecDoc Data in TAF format.

TecDoc Catalogue Change Report and Remain2Delete

  • Change Reports
    Information about changes, additions and deletions with vehicles, generic articles and criteria in the current Data Maintenance Module.
  • Remain2Delete
    Information on deletions of vehicles, generic articles and criteria in the current Data Maintenance Module.

Requesting Generic Articles, Criteria, Key Table Values

Template for requesting generic articles, criteria and key table values. This will help you to formulate your request by using the provided help within the template. Thus guarantees a fast processing. Further explanations about the structure of the template can be found on the first tab. Please use this template for your future applications.

Information Security and Privacy Documents