Repair Data

OEM-based repair and maintenance data

Instant access to technical repair procedures, wiring diagrams, diagnostic trouble codes, service schedules, labour estimates and many more. 

Enhance your work with smart data

Determine the work steps for a specific vehicle & milage, find the exact parts, calculate working times or get step-by-step guidance for the whole process.

Service Finder

Determination of the necessary maintenance work according to OEM specifications, based on mileage and first registration.

Smart Calculation

Transparent calculation of working times distinguishing mandatory and optional work.

Parts Finder

Complete spare part suggestions based on the selected repair and maintenance work leading to higher-quality repairs.

Repair Support

Active support for your repair by interactive linkage of all information necessary for the implementation

Easy Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of systems in your existing workflow.

"We integrated TecRMI Data into the internal catalogue system of our digital marketplace. In particular, the OE-compliant data quality plays a decisive role in our services and maintenance of new vehicles."

Rolf Beißel
Head of Digital Sales Germany & Austria | EUROMASTER

Smart Data to Fuel Your Business Cases

Whether you are a workshop owner, parts distributor, provider of an e-commerce platform or fleet & leasing company, we got you covered with the right TecRMI solutions to fulfil your needs.

Concentrate on getting the job done

By utilising TecRMI data, workshops enhance their overall service quality, ensure safety and compliance, and gain the capability to navigate through the complexities of modern vehicle technologies effectively. 

Support & planning

Direct acceptance through checklists and simplified planning of work processes including necessary parts and special tools.

Increased quality

Complete spare part suggestions and safe execution through standardised repair and maintenance data.

More efficiency

Targeted resource planning of workshop staff. Less administrative effort for ordering parts or searching for information.

Call an expert

Call our dedicated workshop expert hotline, accessing our vast data base of repair solutions for your specific car.

Enhance your service portfolio and increase customer loyalty

 RMI data integration aids in offering value-added services, maintaining relevancy with evolving vehicle technologies, and establishing a competitive edge.

Boost sales

Automatic spare parts package formation supports the service quality of your customers and increases parts sales.

Reduce returns

Active support of reliable replacement part identification and thus a reduction of the return rate.

Safe installation

Our comprehensive repair instructions support the correct installation of parts and thus reduce complaints.

Easy integration

Easy integration of our value-added data and services into your own catalogue and web shop systems.

Enrich your platform with value-added services

Easily integrate our solutions & data in your E-commerce or online platform. The automatic spare parts package formation supports the service quality of your workshop customers and increases parts sales for the car, van and truck segments.

Cost calculation

Get precise and reliable workshop cost proposals with just a few clicks.

Quality repairs

Access to OEM-compliant repair and maintenance data for your customers.

Faster workflows

Determine the maintenance work according to manufacturer specifications.

Special tool support

Identification of required special tools depending on the vehicle and repair.

Streamlined maintenance work and managed costs

Integrating TecRMI data allows fleet and leasing companies as well as insurers to streamline maintenance, manage costs, optimise the utilisation of assets, and enhance customer satisfaction by maintaining vehicles in optimal condition.

Cost calculation

Realistic calculation of maintenance and repair costs based on comprehensive data.


Reliable cost forecasts for maintenance guarantee contracts.

TecFleet integration

Easily determine your cost of ownership or perform workshop invoice validations.

Car manufacturers

Reliable cost calculation to make performance analysis to your competitors.

Streamline your whole workshop process from A-Z

You can significantly increase your efficiency and reduce costs thanks to simplified workflows. With our three different TecRMI data packages CALC, TECH and PRO we make sure you are getting exactly the data you need.



Determine scope of services & spare parts, spare parts packages, proposal work, special tools and resource planning.



Check due service actions, check parts and tool status, preparation of repair documents.


Vehicle acceptance

Vehicle condition checklist, documentation and calculation of additional work.



Diagnosis with exact measure values of electronic components, circuit diagrams, identification of part location as well as fuse and relay assignments.


Vehicle repair

Access relevant repair and maintenance documentation, technical specification and setting values.


Vehicle handover

Simple transfer of all items to the invoice including OE work item numbers enable a qualified invoice without any manual effort.

TecRMI Online

Comprehensive data in an easily accessible and highly customisable web solution.

Web Service

Easily access our data in a machine readable format via our flexible web interface.

Data Package

Download our latest data package comfortably via our FTP server.

The right data for your needs

Whether you just need basic data or take advantage of our advanced modules to enhance your processes. We’ve got you covered with our three TecRMI® packages.

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Graphic Search
VIN Filter
Wheels & Tyres
Maintenance Plans
Repair Instructions
Service Circulars & OE Recalls
Technical Data
Special Tools
Position of Assembly
Diagnostic Data
Circuit Diagrams
Fuse & Relay Assignment

Get access comprehensive repair data today!

Discover how our different TecRMI modules & offerings can support you and your customers in streamlining repair work.