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Elevate your sales with TecDoc's global reach

Make your products available in the world’s most comprehensive spare parts catalogue. Transform potential customers into buyers.

Sell more parts by making them easily available

With the TecDoc catalogue, you are able to reach customers directly and meet their requirements for data format and maintenance globally.


Market Reach

Suppliers gain access to a vast audience of parts distributors, workshops, retailers, and end-users globally.


Enhance your listings by cross-referencing your parts with OE parts data, providing comprehensive information.


Standardises data format ensures clarity in product listings and a streamlined process of data management.

Enhanced Credibility

The global aftermarket community trusts our platform for its accuracy, reliability and comprehensive data.


Update and manage your data easily at all points of sale at the same time. Optimise visibility & market share.

Vehicle Types
Vehicle Linkages
Article Data
Standardised Products

Elevate your brand by becoming a TecDoc Data Supplier

Easily bring your products into our TecDoc Catalogue. You are getting the right tools and support from our data experts along the way.

Who can become a TecDoc Data Supplier?

If you are a supplier of replacement parts and your company has a certified production site you are already half-way there and you can easily register a brand for our TecDoc Catalogue.

Proof of brand ownership

You need to own or have the distribution rights for a brand so that you can deliver data.

Choose regions

Depending on your contract you can choose the regions in which your products are seen in the catalogue.

Sign contract

After signing the contract we will provide you with everything you’ll need on your way to your first data delivery.

Our reference data makes your life easier

TecDoc Reference Data acts as a blueprint for suppliers, ensuring they present their product data in a manner that’s consistent, user-friendly, and in line with the expectations of the vast TecDoc user base.

Data Structure

By aligning your data with this format, you ensure consistency with other listings in the TecDoc system.


Use the generic articles and categories in the Reference Data to classify your products appropriately. 

Vehicle linkage

The Reference Data will guide you in linking specific parts to particular vehicle models, ensuring users can easily identify parts.

TecDoc data delivery channels

There are several ways on how you can get your parts data into our TecDoc Cataloque. From our most advanced PIM solution TecDoc ONE to our full service offer where your data is managed by our experts.

TecDoc ONE

Our latest and most sophisticated all-in-one global product information management (PIM) solution. Including our TecDoc Reference Data as well as data validation. With our Instant Data Processing API your updates get instantly delivered to every point-of-sale.


Access our Instant Data Processing API directly via Rest-interface and easily connect your own PIM-solution. Includes data validation.


Easily upload your data. We provide you with an upload directory for full TAF-packages. It includes data validation and instant delivery.

Data Service

Managed data onboarding and updates by our experts. Transmit your parts data in it’s current format. Includes continuous management. 

Get the best out of your data

By introducing new requirements for our data suppliers in the form of validations and KPIs, we ensure that our TecDoc® data match the information needs at the point of service.

Lower Return Rates

Better data significantly improves the parts identification process at your point-of-sale.

Build Trust

Reach higher trustworthiness and credibility with your customers.

Get Certified

We grant two different certifications according to our data quality KPIs.

Easily discover new market opportunities

Analyse your portfolio based on vehicle statistics, OE-data or competitor analysis. Find gaps in your product range and increase sales in your core markets.

OE Parts Data

OE parts data ensures that the information regarding a specific part is accurate as per the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. TecDoc can effectively link specific parts to particular vehicle models, ensuring that users can find the exact parts suitable for their vehicles.

Vehicles in Operation Data

Leverage TecDoc VIO data to identify market gaps, providing insights into potential areas for expansion or development. Understanding market trends allows for the strategic positioning of your products, granting a competitive advantage.

Portfolio Analytics

Analyse your portfolio in comparison to your competitors. Optimise your product range based on real TecDoc product data analytics from our catalogues. Make data-driven decisions and easily analyse your potential with TecDoc Product Management Analytics (PMA).

“I am impressed by how well we are now integrated into this digital workflow. We are now experiencing optimum product communication so that we can present spare parts to our customers even more professionally and reliably at the point of sale.”

Frank Herrmann
General Manager | GEBA

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