easy workshop approvals

Automate Your Repair & Service Approvals

Overseeing repairs, service, and maintenance can become tedious and time-consuming. Use a smarter way to manage these approvals without the hassle.

Simplify your approval processes

High degree of automation: Error-free requests are automatically approved, while the system also helps you to discover irregularities quickly and precisely.


Seamless Automation

Eliminate the need for manual intervention, ensuring rapid and consistent approvals for service, repair and maintenance requests.

Error Minimisation

Reduce the risks of human errors, missed requests, or delays that can impact vehicle performance and longevity.

Operational Excellence

Streamline your fleet operations by seamlessly integrating automatic repair approvals into your workflow.

Elevate operations with automated approvals

Use our standardised  data with your customers’ vehicle history and contract details. Cost estimates and invoices can be processed quickly and conveniently.

Custom conditions

Capture conditions, upload your vehicle contracts and get support via a comprehensive set of rules.

Vehicle & parts data

Workshops can identify the vehicles and necessary order positions. Approvals are automatically routed to the fleet owner.


The approval can be done manually or automatically based on your predefined set of rules.


The workshop can then start the order implementation and generate the invoice directly via TecFleet.

Choose the level of automation

Wheter you just need automatic labour and part information, include your own conditions and contracts or totally automate your approval process. We got you covered.

Level 1¹
Level 2¹
Level 3²
OE Labour Times, Intervals
Spare Parts Prices & Quantities
Vehicle History
Workshop Conditions
Vehicle Contracts
Order Entry by Workshop
Automatic Approvals
Electronic Invoices

A smart way to manage repair & service approvals

TecFleet EASY reduces administrative time, minimises potential errors in manual authorisation processes, and ensures timely service and maintenance for your fleet vehicles.

VIN query

Identify your vehicles comfortably via our VIN query identification.

OEM-compliant data

Use manufacturer job codes as well as part numbers based on TecDoc.

Automated efficiency

Ensure rapid and consistent approvals for your service and maintenance requests.

Upgrade to the future of fleet management

Elevate your operations with the unmatched efficiency and precision of TecFleet EASY. Dive in and transform your fleet management experience today!