Automatic approval of your repair, service & maintenance requests

Efficiently check and approve cost estimates and invoices. Short approval times make a positive contribution to customer satisfaction & loyalty


Simply improve your time management and electronic invoicing. Error-free cost estimates are automatically checked for manufactuer conformity

Increase your efficiency and productivity with automated authorisations

Optimise your approval of workshop requests. Error-free requests are automatically approved, while the system also helps you to discover irregularities quickly and precisely.

Use our standardised manufacturer-compliant data with your customers’ vehicle history and contract details. EASY can be used as a web application or via our API. The high degree of digitisation and automation can substantially simplify your approval processes for workshop-related offers and invoices.

  • Flexible and easy to integrate
  • Based on OE-data
  • Integration of TecRMI® repair & maintenance data

Achieve safety, automation and higher quality within your process chain

EASY is the unique combination of OEM data, contract information, framework agreements as well as scalable rules and regulations.

Use our new web-based solution to increase your cost control and productivity. Based on our always up-to-date data, cost estimates and invoices can be processed quickly and conveniently.

Easy also provides access to our TecRMI® repair and maintenance data and enables automatic calculations of manufacturer-defined compound work and the spare parts required for it.


Workshop contract

TecFleet enables the recording of conditions, the upload of vehicle contracts and supports the fleet manager with a comprehensive set of rules to control the automatic releases


Vehicle & spare parts data

Your workshop can easily identify your vehicles within TecFleet as well as necessary order positions. The approval request is automatically routed to the fleet owner



The approval of your repair, service and maintenance requests can be done either manually or automatically based on your predefined set of rules



Your workshop can then start the order implementation and generate the invoice directly via TecFleet

Our reliable solution to simply automate your processes

Your new go-to web based solution for automation of your SMRT work assignment and invoice processes.

OEM-compliant data

Utilise vehicle manufacturer job codes as well as part numbers based on TecDoc


Define your unique set of rules for the optimal support of your processes


Identify your vehicles comfortably via our VIN query identification

Easy to use

Comprehensive plausibility check. Conditions are automatically taken into account

Choose your level of automation

Whether you just need basic functionality or take your portfolio management to the next level with OE-data, VIO and analytics integration. We got you covered with our TecDoc PIM solutions.

Level 1¹Level 2¹Level 3²
OE labour times, intervals
Spare part prices & quantities
Vehicle history
Workshop conditions
Vehicle contracts
Order entry by the workshop
Automatic approvals
Electronic invoicesoptionaloptional

¹Active use by fleet operators: without TecFleet it is only possible to communicate requests to the workshop by telephone or manual file transfer. In TecFleet, data entry is carried out by the fleet operator.
²Active use by both fleet operators and workshops

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Let one of our consultants walk you through on how TecFleet EASY can streamline your approvals of your repair, service & maintenance requests


All data is a 100% manufacturer compliant

Easy automation

Simply streamline your processes


Organise your fleets based on standardised data

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