TecDoc Data for your Use Case

Leverage the power of global spare parts data

Unlock unparalleled access to a vast, detailed automotive parts database with TecDoc. Ensure accuracy, elevate customer experience, and drive operational efficiency.

The most accurate and reliable automotive parts data

Seamlessly identify parts, satisfy customer needs, and make strategic choices with comprehensive, reliable data at your fingertips.


Parts Identification

Reliably identify and order the exact parts needed, mitigating errors, reducing returns, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

Detailed and reliable product information which aids in making informed decisions, boosting trust and customer satisfaction.

Global Reach

Access and offer a vast array of global products by leveraging the extensive, multilingual data available, thereby broadening market access.

E-Commerce Excellence

Enable effective online sales by providing accurate and detailed product listings on e-commerce platforms.


Leveraging accurate and standardised parts data minimises resources spent on rectifying errors and handling returns.

Vehicle Types
Vehicle Linkages
Article Data
Standardised Products

Your solution for efficient and accurate spare parts data

Easily access the most comprehensible spare parts data on the market. You are getting the right tools and support from our data experts along the way.

Your gateway to comprehensive, reliable automotive parts data

Ideal for businesses looking for a user-friendly, web-based interface to search for and identify automotive parts. Provides an easily navigable, online platform that requires no integration and allows users to quickly locate precise parts data.

User friendly

Users can quickly and accurately identify and locate parts, streamlining the parts selection and ordering process.


The platform offers accurate and reliable data, ensuring that the parts identified and selected are precisely what’s needed.


Provides content in 40+ languages, ensuring that users from various regions can access and utilise the data effectively.

Create unique E-commerce solutions with our API

Suited for businesses wishing to integrate TecDoc data directly into their own applications, e-commerce platforms, or systems. Allows for real-time data access and ensures most up-to-date information.

Real-time access

Access to the most recent and updated parts data without manual interventions. Global and high-performance availability with multiple redundancies.


Integrating the webservice ensures a consistent flow of data directly into business systems. Stable and reliable data for various operations.

VIN/VRM look-ups

Ensure precise vehicle identification for your customers by adding our VIN and Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) look-up solution.

Offer a data-rich platform with your own branding

Utilise the comprehensive and extensive TecDoc parts data and Catalogue functionalities under your own branding. Provide a customised user interface, while benefiting from the data and search capabilities of TecDoc. Your products are integrated with high-quality images, videos, and pricing that you can choose. 

Easy to set-up

Ready to use, off-the-shelf solution to enter your E-commerce business with a simple and quick setup process .

Trade module

Seamlessly manage B2B transactions for your webshop, offering customer specific availability for your products.


Customisable and intuitive user interface and expandable functionalities to match exactly your customer needs. 

Integrate our data into your own solutions

Designed for businesses that require bulk data access, to be utilised in their own systems or offline applications. It contains both the reference data and the parts catalogue data. Data delivery is provided either weekly or quarterly. 

Included Information:

Localised Content

The data includes all elements of the TecDoc supplier data specific for your selected countries, regions and/or languages.


Extract the various elements of data that you require. You receive all information that describes and matches the original article.


Allows users to swiftly locate specific parts and products through our structured and organised data.

Adding value to the automotive aftermarket

All businesses operating in the Automotive Aftermarket benefit heavily from utilising our comprehensive, accurate spare parts data.


Leverage TecDoc Data for informed decision-making, strategic product development, and effective market positioning, ensuring you can meet market demands accurately and maintain a competitive edge in a dynamically evolving market landscape.


Quickly identify and source the correct parts, reducing vehicle downtime and enhancing workshop efficiency. Enhance the credibility of service by utilising comprehensive parts information during customer interactions and service provision.


Access reliable and updated parts data, reducing errors in ordering and inventory management. Improve customer interactions by quickly identifying and confirming parts availability and specifications. Glean information about parts availability, specifications, and manufacturers, informing purchasing decisions and stock management.

E-Commerce Platforms

Use detailed and accurate parts data to easily create rich product listings. Utilise structured data to enhance search functionality and product filtering, improving customer navigation and satisfaction. Ensure that product information is always current by automating updates from the TecDoc database.

Ready to access the most accurate and reliable parts data?

Seamlessly identify parts, satisfy customer needs, and make strategic choices with comprehensive, reliable data at your fingertips.