Customer contract FAQs

What are cross-references and how can they be used?

Cross-references are links between parts from different manufacturers. For example, Manufacturer A can create a cross-reference for a brake disc to a brake disc from Manufacturer B. If a user then searches for the brake disc from Manufacturer B in the TecDoc Catalogue Web, the link to the brake disc from Manufacturer A will also be displayed. In the TecDoc Catalogue Web, this is made clear through the added text “found via comparison number”. Cross-references may be used by TecDoc data users in exactly this structure. Use in the reverse direction and the creation of one’s own cross-references are prohibited by the data user contract.

Can the TecDoc data be used to sell used parts?

The TecDoc data is basically only approved for trade with new parts. Use for the sale of used parts, which are parts that are reused without reworking by the manufacturer and still bear the trademarks of the automotive manufacturer or the original parts manufacturer, is not permitted. So-called refurbished parts are an exception. These are used parts that are marked with a brand name or the trademark of the re-manufacturer and do not differ significantly from new parts in terms of their quality standard, function and service life.

Is data usage also permitted on sales platforms?

Sales platforms, marketplaces and price comparison sites are becoming increasingly popular. This is why TecAlliance has started to conclude licence agreements with the operators of these online services. As a data user, you may use our data on all licensed platforms – if you inform us in advance about it. Upon request, we would be happy to inform you whether the platform you wish to use is already a licensed TecAlliance contractual partner. 


Can the TecDoc data be used for private brands?

In principle, the TecDoc data may not be modified. This means that the data of another brand may not be used for a private brand. Marketing a private brand with the TecDoc data requires a separate contract (trade brands contract or data supplier contract). We would be happy to advise you on these products upon request.


What does prompt updating mean?

The obligation to update the licensed data without delay applies to all TecDoc users who are supplied with a data package. “Prompt” is a legal term that means that you must import the most up-to-date data as soon as possible in accordance with your organisational and technical possibilities. In case of doubt, you must demonstrate that an earlier update was not possible for you. Web service customers do not need to worry about the updating process because they always receive the latest data. 


Caching: Is caching of data from web services onto private servers permitted?

The caching of data from web services is generally possible but is subject to certain restrictions. For example, caching the complete database or keeping outdated data on private servers is not permitted. The exact conditions for this can be found in our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) .


How can a legal source for TecAlliance data be identified?

TecAlliance data may only be distributed by our own subsidiaries, licensed business partners and resellers. A list of these companies is published here. If you are not sure about a source, please contact us.


Can data from the TecDoc Web Catalogue be copied?

The systematic copying or typing of data from the TecDoc Catalogue Web and the transfer of this data to other systems constitutes an infringement of the copyright of the TecDoc database and a licence violation; it is therefore not permitted.


How can the eBay Vehicle Usage List be used?

The eBay Vehicle Usage List ( may only be used within the scope of the conditions listed there. You may only download the list after accepting these conditions. Any further use is prohibited and will be prosecuted by TecAlliance.


Am I allowed to use data from other sources together with TecAlliance data?

Yes, this is possible. It is important that the TecAlliance data itself is not modified.


Why do I have to delete the TecAlliance data after the end of the contract period?

With TecAlliance, you do not buy one data record but acquire the right to use the latest version of our database (licence). This right is limited in time to the term of the respective contract. This is how we guarantee that all market participants always use the most up-to-date data.