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Get article and pricing data in real-time

Organise stock and price information, spare parts data and availability options in a standardised format. Reduce your time-to-market and access latest updates in real-time.

Easy provision of article and price information

Maintaining article data and keeping them updated is a critical challenge. Ultimately this can lead to lost sales opportunities due to unavailability of parts data or data that has not been updated or been sent to the customers on time.


Get an overview of your scheduled subscriptions, their finishing date as well as their current delivery status.

On demand download

Download data on demand in your preferred file formats including .csv, .xls and XML. Easily adjust the content and structure to your needs.

Availability report

Access article information as well as pricing data at any time 24/7. Also receive all data updates in real-time.

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Easily optimise your data management

TecCom CMD is anunique solution that helps both the supplier and the buyer to optimise their data management and overcome the challenges they face regularly.

For Suppliers

For Buyers

Available data

TecCom Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) provides you with all the information you need for your logistics processes


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Provide and receive article and price lists as well as availability data in a standardised format via our platform.