TecCom Market Share Analysis

Know, grow and defend your market share

Gain full visibility into your competitive position and the latest sales trends on TecCom, the aftermarket’s largest trading platform. Use our robust insights as an early warning system to remain competitive and spot threats in time – both on-platform and beyond.

Make your next move based on unbiased, granular and timely insights

In the dynamic landscape of the automotive aftermarket, competition is reaching new levels. With all players vying for a bigger share, maximizing sales on your key distribution channels is business critical.

Trusted experts

Advancing the aftermarket through digitization, standardization and transparency is what we aim for. With 25 years of expertise, we are your reliable, unbiased source of information for aftermarket knowledge and data.

Based on real sales

How much did you sell vs. your competitors on the TecCom platform last month? Learn how you stack up and inform your strategies and tactics with facts – not gut-feeling.

Unrivalled coverage

Our Market Share Analysis cover more product groups and global markets than any competitor. Detect areas of underperformance and opportunities for growth. Expand into markets with the highest potential return.

Orders per year
Product groups

5 enablers strengthening competitiveness over time

With TecCom Market Share Analysis we offer features and benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Seize the opportunity to maximize sales on your key trading platform.

TecCom total market share

Based on sales volume: Benchmark with competitors and set sales target for the TecCom platform.

Sales volumes by product group and country

Own vs. rest of the market: Assess over- and underperformance, plan your sales strategy and tactics for new markets and portfolio expansion.

Updated monthly

Most up-to-date data in the market available 2 weeks after end of month: Make fact-based decisions and timely course-corrections.

TecCom market share by country and product group

Granular data down to GenArt level and unparalleled geographical coverage: Get reliable insights informing your growth strategies and portfolio management.

TecCom market share development

Month-on-month, year-on-year: Evaluate impact of your own and competitors’ marketing and sales initiatives based on sales performance trends.

Ready to maximize sales and grow your market share on TecCom?

Single delivery reports start from 1.000 € with flat rates and subscription options available at competitive prices. Find out what Market Share Analysis can do for you and get a quote.