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Global Car Parc Data

Optimise your product management with VIO data

TecDoc VIO Data brings you comprehensive insights into the vehicles that are really out there on the roads, so you can make data-driven portfolio decisions.

Optimise your stock management

Ultimate overview of all registered vehicles in 77 countries on a level of granularity that is unparalleled in the market.


Data Driven Decisions

Having accurate and current data on what vehicles are actually in use can significantly improve your decision-making process.

Targeted Strategy

Get insights into consumer behaviour, needs, and potential future demands as a basis for your product strategy.

Competitive Advantage

Identify opportunities and threats before your competitors do. Be the first mover in response to market changes.

Registered Vehicles
Geographic Regions
Vehicle Attributes

Gain valuable insights to optimise your portfolio

Evaluate your product portfolio regarding country-specific or global market information for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and busses.

Our data originates from official global sources and is enriched with the knowledge and expertise of our local teams.

Dig even deeper

We provide deeper geographical levels for 28 countries like city, post code, municipality, province, district, etc.

Easy vehicle linkage

We are able to link our VIO data to the following vehicle IDs: ACES (US), CAR-ID, HMD, JATO, K/N-Type, MMI (UK) or VWE (NL).


Simplified reporting

Easily accessible via your browser or in various delivery formats such as VDP, Excel, CSV, Access and SQL-based relational tables.

Forecast VIO

Besides current and historical data we also offer a forecast model with a strong focus on country specific trends and developments available for passenger cars & light commercial vehicles.

Tire Data

We unify fully specified vehicle & tire data, complementing each other perfectly and which render the individual parts even stronger.

Take it a step further

Using TecDoc’s comprehensive catalogue data, as well as Vehicles in Operation (VIO) and catalogue usage data, we can provide actionable insights to optimise your range and identify market gaps.

Ready to harness the power of VIO data for your business?

In today’s fiercely competitive automotive parts landscape, making data-driven decisions is more than just an edge—it’s a necessity.