Real-Time Updates

Get your data easily delivered into TecDoc

We make sure to give you the right tools to get your data into our TecDoc Catalogue as fast as possible. With tailored data delivery solutions we make sure you reach the best results.

Data management according to your needs

To meet the individual requirements of all our data suppliers, we offer different ways for data preparation and management.


TecDoc ONE

Our All-in-one product information management (PIM) solution. 

For customers who today have DMM as their prior PIM solution in daily use for the maintenance of the TecDoc data.


Instant data processing (IDP) with our easily integrable data supplier API.

For customers who have their own PIM solution in place and only use DMM for validation and delivery of data. Customers who are able to connect their solution to IDP.

TecDoc DataWave

Easy data upload of your data in our TecDoc TAF format.

For customers who have their own PIM solution in place and only use DMM for validation and delivery of data. Customers who are able to connect their solution to IDP.

Transfer your TecDoc Data in Real-Time

With Instant Data Processing (IDP) we enable data suppliers to update and transfer their catalog data in real time. All data transferred via IDP will be integrated and published instantly in the TecDoc Catalogue, Web Service and Web Shop.

Transform the way you access and process your data

TecDoc ONE enables you to manage and enrich your product information to sell more products locally, regionally and globally. Everything you need in a single tool, turning the complexity of different automotive standards, data standardisation, and data quality to your advantage.

Global data

Manage your high-quality product and vehicle data on a local, regional and global scale.


Automatic reference data updates are keeping your information accurate and always up-to-date.


Integration of VIO and OE-Product data as additional modules to enhave your product management.

Streamlined process

Workflow management capabilitiesand a wide range of reporting options.

What are the requirements for using TecDoc ONE?

TecDoc ONE is tailored to businesses looking for an efficient data management tool to manage TecDoc Data and navigate effortlessly between different automotive standards. If you aim to eliminate redundant tasks, enhance data accuracy, and save time and resources, TecDoc ONE is your solution.

”TecAlliance has proven once again that they are on the right track with Instant Data Processing! In a very difficult time, they developed a highly innovative feature to revolutionise the whole market.”

Alexander Hartling
Senior Manager Data Intelligence | ZF

Update and transfer your data instantly with our API

Ensure that your product information is always updated and eliminate delays that are associated with traditional data processing. Our API is primarily designed for customers who use their own PIM solutions and simply need TecDoc‘s Data Maintenance Module (DMM) for validation and publishing.

Competitive edge

Instant data updates enable you to be the first to market with your latest product information.

Easy to use

No complexities of local software installation – all you need is access to the IDP API.

Always up-to-date

Add new content instantly, ensuring that your customers always have access to the latest data.


Update only the records that need attention, rather than revising your entire dataset.

Direct integration

Our IDP-API can connect directly with third-party systems. If you rely on external PIM or ERP tools to maintain and manage your product data, the IDP API becomes your bridge to TecDoc. The IDP API offers an API inter- face that seamlessly integrates into your own existing environment.

How does it work?

The IDP API serves as the direct interface for updating your TecDoc data from your system to TecDoc‘s database. Any data transferred is instantly integrated and published within the TecDoc Web Service and Catalogue. TecDoc Data Packages are built based on a weekly snapshot of the database.

Our data wave upload service for TAF formatted files

We understand the need for efficient data delivery to TecDoc. TecDoc DataWave is your go-to service if you need to upload, validate, and publish full TAF packages.

Easy to use

Simply submit your TAF Packages to TecDoc using a dedicated FTP upload directory.

IDP enabled

Instant publication our Web Service and Catalogue and automated delivery to TecDoc Data Packages.


Comprehensive validation report, allowing you to compare quantities against your previous uploads.


Continued regular provision of updated TecDoc reference data (TAF format).

Why choose TecDoc DataWave?

In an industry that demands accuracy and speed, TecDoc DataWave stands out as a practical and efficient solution. It minimises disruptions to your current workflow, requires minimum changes in your own infrastructure and process. The service makes it easy to keep your product information up-to-date. Plus, with instant updates and comprehensive validation reports, you can trust that your data is in good hands.


Managed data onboarding and updates

With our managed data service we convert vour individual data into our TecDoc data format. We take on the complete standardisation of your data, i.e. the linkage to our standardised product names (generic articles), attributes and vehicle data, as well as the conversion to the TecDoc data format (TAF).

Do it for me

Save time and effort: Easily transmit vour data in the current format vou use and our team of data specialists takes on the conversion.

Update service

We offer continuous update management of your data to make sure your customers are getting the best data possible.

Transparent cost

On the basis of the data format vou use we determine our scope of work and provide an individual quotation including a detailed service description and fixed prices.


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