Simply scan and read out vehicle-relevant documents

The TecRMI Document Scanner scans vehicle documents, detects predefined fields, and can transfer them automatically into a system. The scanner supports various use cases, including automatic vehicle identification.

Everything you need at your fingertips

With the scanner, we support automated vehicle identification and simple data collection for workshops and fleets.

  • Automated vehicle identification
  • Simple and fast data capture
  • Reduced data entry errors
  • Reduced effort
Mobile device with camera

Chances are good that you have your device to scan the documents already in your pocket.
Use your smartphone to start digitalizing your physical documents.

Image or PDF file of
the vehicle document

Our TecRMI Document
Scanner can read-out data of already
digitalized documents with the highest degree of accuracy.

Collect the most important vehicle data in a single process

With the help of the TecRMI Document Scanner, a vehicle is identified within a few seconds after uploading the vehicle registration document. For this purpose, the scanner reads the the most relevant predefined fields from the vehicle registration certificate.

An extension of the fields to be scanned according to your requirements is easily possible.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • First registration date
  • Licence plate
  • … and many more

Also applicable for the scan of the vehicle registration documents

It is also possible to scan the vehicle registration document. Especially in the area of fleet management or a fleet, the TecRMI Document Scanner supports simple and efficient vehicle data capture.




Data capture


How does the TecRMI Document Scanner work?

The TecRMI Document Scanner was developed to support your workshop with a tool that allows you to skip inconvenient processes and pass back time to you, which was otherwise wasted in manual digitalization.

Simply take a picture or utilize a scan with the TecRMI Document Scanner and upload it to our cloud.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithm processes the data with cutting edge technology. Eventually, the data is captured thoroughly, and you can immediately start using the manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance information data for your purpose.

“With the TecRMI Document Scanner, we are taking another step to support processes in the automotive aftermarket. The scanner captures for example vehicle data from registration document to enable simple and automated vehicle identification.”

Christian Bergmann, Vice President Data Manager RMI

Adaptable to your requirements!

The TecRMI Document Scanner can be easily integrated into your systems as an interface (API). At the same time, the specified output fields in the vehicle registration document or certificate can be individually extended to suit your use case. Feel free to contact our team to adapt the scanner to your needs or use cases.

Optimized Process
Increased Efficiency
Direct Vehicle Identification
Reduced Cost and Effort

Also available for the TecRMI Service Book

The TecRMI Service Book offers a standardised and simple process for recording electronic service book entries for currently 14 vehicle manufacturers.

We have integrated the vehicle registration document scanner function into the TecRMI Service Book web application to facilitate the vehicle identification process and thus further simplify and accelerate the digital registration.

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