Document Scanner

Simply Scan and Read Vehicle Documents

Scan vehicle documents, detects predefined fields, and transfer them automatically into your system. Supporting various use cases, including automatic vehicle identification.

Collect all the data in a single process

A vehicle is identified within a few seconds after uploading the vehicle registration document. 


Vehicles are identified within a few seconds after uploading the vehicle registration document.


Simply take a picture or utilise a scan and upload it to our cloud. No manual work needed.

API Interface

Easily integratable into your systems. Specified output fields can be extended to suit your use case.


No need for manual processing which increases reliability and reduces errors.

Mobile device

Chances are good that you have your device to scan the documents already in your pocket. Use your smartphone or tablet to start digitalising your physical vehicle documents.

Image or PDF file

Our TecRMI Document Scanner can read out data of already digitalised vehicle documents with the highest degree of accuracy powered by machine learning.

Everything you need at your fingertips

Our machine learning algorithm processes the data with cutting edge technology. The data is captured thoroughly, and you can immediately start using the manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance information data for your purpose.

Ready to scan your vehicle documents?

Cut out the manual work and simply scan your vehicle related documents and transfer the information automatically into your systems.