TecCom Community Meeting: Insights from Aftermarket Experts

On May 15, we hosted our annual get-together in Frankfurt with Independent Aftermarket clients from all over Germany. Our 40 attendees heard from our regional sales team and external industry experts about the latest developments in the aftermarket, major trends, new TecCom solutions, and recently launched innovative features.
During the barbecue and coffee breaks, everyone had the opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces, make new connections, and network with players across the industry. One of the visitors stated, “It’s great to have this one day for exchange, discussion on the latest developments, and learning from others. I very much enjoyed the event.”

Top 5 Learnings from the event

  1. The automotive industry, including the aftermarket, is facing major disruptions in the years to come. Closing the digitization gap with other market players and driving further internationalization will be crucial for future success.
  2. Although trends like electrification and market concentration are impacting the traditional aftermarket business, there are still plenty of new opportunities for all players.
  3. Uniting stakeholders as part of a digital ecosystem brings numerous network effects and advantages that not only drive individual success but also advance the entire industry.
  4. New cloud-based solutions for data management, ordering, invoicing, and returns help increase process efficiency and resilience.
  5. Common industry standards, certified quality criteria, agreed processes, and analytics-driven decisions help improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

Advancing the Independent Automotive Aftermarket together

Collaboration for the benefit of all stakeholders in the industry was a major topic of the event. We asked participants what they considered the biggest advantage of being part of the industry ecosystem, with TecCom at its center as the digital ordering platform. For the attendees, standardization and common data quality were the most important outcomes of joining forces.

Resuming the event, Bernd Stähler from the TecCom DACH Sales Team remarked, “As a salesperson, I speak to my clients all the time. However, bringing different clients and stakeholders together at an event develops an invaluable dynamic, with networking opportunities and great discussions on what the industry as a whole needs to stay successful in the future. We’ve learned a lot about how we at TecCom can support the Independent Aftermarket in the years to come.”

If you want to learn more about the topics mentioned above, please visit our website where you can download all the event presentations (only available in German). Read more now