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The engine expert PartsTec has secured a strong position in the automotive aftermarket since it was founded in 2013. The long-standing partnership with us has made an important contribution to this. The listing of the product range in the TecDoc Catalogue and the connection to our B2B platform TecCom support the company in expanding its market position.

PartsTec was founded in 2013 in Höchstadt a. d. Aisch, Germany. With repair kits for EGR and intake manifold systems and timing chain conversion kits, the specialist for engine and powertrain has established itself with a unique selling point in the automotive aftermarket.

“At PartsTec, the expansion of digital and customer-oriented solutions has top priority. With TecAlliance, we have found the right partner for our intentions and are therefore excellently positioned for the increasing complexity of the market.”

Founder and CEO Christian Beßler

Find the right spare part quickly and easily

Correct, standardised and up-to-date product information is the basis for success in e-commerce. PartsTec’s product range has been listed in the TecDoc Catalogue for several years. This allows workshops to find the right spare part quickly and avoids incorrect orders.

Maximum efficiency from availability request to delivery

PartsTec is connected to the TecCom platform, enabling wholesalers in the independent automotive aftermarket to process orders automatically and efficiently. TecCom is the largest e-commerce platform for the global automotive aftermarket: over 30,000 wholesalers and 280 parts manufacturers use the solution, which covers all processes from querying the availability of automotive spare parts to returns. Thanks to TecCom, wholesalers can provide their customers with real-time information on availability and delivery.

“Wholesalers in the automotive aftermarket work with many different parts manufacturers. They want to automate the ordering processes as far as possible and use just one tool to communicate with all their suppliers in order to simplify processes and save costs. The connection to TecCom is definitely a significant competitive advantage for us”, explains Christian Beßler.

TecCom CMD for more transparency in retail

Using the TecCom CMD (Collaborative Managed Data) solution, PartsTec provides wholesalers with standardised information on prices, availability and detailed product information such as dimensions, weight, etc. The data can be updated in real time.

“We make the data available to wholesalers with TecCom CMD so that they in turn can offer their customers, the workshops, better service and avoid loss of sales”, explains Christian Beßler.

Standardised article, price and logistics information enables wholesalers to automate and speed up the ordering process from the availability query to goods receipt. TecCom CMD significantly reduces the time and effort required for data post-processing.

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New solution for complaints and returns

PartsTec is currently introducing the TecCom Returns solution to simplify and optimise the processing of returns and complaints. Workshops and wholesalers can submit their cases online in a standardised process – quickly and easily in less than 90 seconds.

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