How we helped ERA Benelux to expand its business

TecDoc has proven to be an essential tool for suppliers in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM), addressing the perennial challenge: “How can I market my products more effectively and increase sales?” This is especially true for companies operating globally and those specialised in areas like remanufacturing.

About ERA Benelux

ERA Benelux is deeply committed to the circular economy, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the automotive industry by offering high-quality, affordable, and sustainable remanufactured automotive parts.

Stefaan Vandenbussche leads the company, which specialises in remanufacturing automotive parts to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards using original spare parts. This remanufacturing process ensures that the parts not only match the quality and performance of new parts but also offer a more environmentally friendly alternative by reducing waste and energy consumption.

ERA Benelux’s Product Portfolio

The company’s product lineup for the IAM mainly features chassis components such as steering racks, pumps, drive shafts, and brake calipers. These remanufactured parts provide a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to new parts, ensuring compliance with OEM standards. ERA Benelux enhances customer satisfaction through additional services such as technical support and training.

Choosing TecDoc for Market Expansion

ERA Benelux introduced its data to TecDoc in April 2005, recognising the importance of being present on this platform due to its extensive use and as a standard in Germany, despite its initial low adoption in the Benelux region. The decision to use TecDoc has facilitated easier access for customers across Europe to identify and purchase ERA’s remanufactured parts.

Utilising TecAlliance Solutions

A year after joining TecDoc, ERA Benelux expanded its sales channels by integrating with TecCom, streamlining order processing and achieving a robust ordering system through Order Manager and integrated systems. This integration ensures timely delivery of orders and invoices to customers. Further, the company adopted the TecDoc White-Label Solution (B2B WebShop) to enhance its presence in e-commerce, utilising integrated TecCom e-commerce features to save on additional investments and capitalise on TecAlliance synergies.

Improving Data Quality and Customer Experience

Customers have high expectations for the accuracy and clarity of catalogue data, demanding an easy and definitive way to identify the correct part. ERA Benelux participates in the TecDoc DQM (Data Quality Management) initiative, which improves product data quality by meeting specific KPIs and stringent requirements, ensuring customers can easily find and order the correct parts without confusion.

Future Commitments and Customer Feedback

ERA Benelux continues to prioritise the circular economy, a decision that has proven prescient since its initial focus in 2001. The company values feedback from wholesalers and distributors, which helps maintain the quality of its catalogue data. Looking ahead, ERA Benelux is set to implement digital invoicing solutions to further simplify and automate processes, continuing its commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, ERA Benelux’s integration with TecDoc and its ongoing efforts to enhance service and product offerings exemplify its dedication to both environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction in the automotive aftermarket industry.