Elcome introduces Real-Time Data Delivery to TecDoc

In the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal but a necessity.

Today, we speak with Tim Entwistle, Managing Director of Elcome, to discuss their recent introduction of the IDP (Instant Data Processing) API for instant data delivery to TecDoc.

Thank you, Tim, for joining us today. Could you tell us a bit about Elcome?

Gladly. Elcome specialises in global automotive data and cataloguing solutions for the vehicle replacement parts market. We are a European company with a UK head office conveniently situated within the M4 corridor on the outskirts of Swindon. Our international office is located in Ciudad Quesada, Spain.

At Elcome, we are driven by the principle of “Do It ONCE®, Use It Many Times”. It is the principle upon which all our products are built; it is at the heart of everything we do.

Elcome has introduced the IDP API for Instant Data Delivery to TecDoc for its customers. Can you provide insight into why Elcome chose the IDP API?

TecDoc has had a long-term collaboration with Elcome. Delivering data to TecDoc has always been a core part of Elcome’s offering. It has been essential to our products for many years. TecDoc is one of the primary delivery points for our mutual customers’ data, which is why Elcome has always sought to be at the forefront of any innovation. Whether that was changes to the TAF format, the DQM (Data Quality Management) initiative, getting customers to PDS (Premier Data Supplier) status, or new areas like IDP.

When we first heard of IDP, we immediately saw potential benefits for both our customers and our internal processes. When that opportunity became a real possibility in January 2024, it really was an easy decision to start the integration immediately. The opportunity to be one of the very first and demonstrate our abilities only made it more important to start straight away.

How do you expect the IDP API to benefit Elcome in terms of data delivery and integration with TecDoc?

We are certain that IDP will bring significant benefits to both our customers and us at Elcome.
For our customers, it simplifies the process of data delivery and, more importantly, gives them the opportunity to make much more frequent updates. That can only benefit data quality and their brand presence on TecDoc.

Furthermore, the IDP way of working also makes it very obvious what impact their daily activity is having on their submissions. The information isn’t new, but seeing it presented back after initial validation, line by line, really forces users to focus on the effects of their maintenance. We think it will drive data quality upwards.

We at Elcome have streamlined our internal processes and workload in delivering data to TecDoc on behalf of our customers. We have simplified our IT infrastructure as well.

What changes do you see with the IDP API in place?

The IDP API represents a remarkable advancement in daily product management and good cataloguing. The speed and efficiency it offers are truly impressive. For instance, our customer made 5,500 changes, which were processed and validated by Elcome using the IDP API in just nine minutes. Subsequently, the changes went live on the TecDoc Web Catalogue within three minutes.

Over 70 of Elcome’s customers’ brands will deliver data via the IDP API. How is the migration process going for Elcome?

Elcome has completed the integration of IDP and has tested and launched our first partner-customer. The involvement of a customer like this not only demonstrates the confidence in Elcome’s development and the IDP process but also the importance our customers place on fully supporting this initiative.

We are now working with TecDoc to onboard over 70 other brands we currently deliver and anticipate that we will complete it within 2-3 months.

How do you think the adoption of the IDP API will improve customer satisfaction?

IDP can greatly improve relationships between data suppliers and distributors. The ability to take feedback, investigate, and show the results back to the distributor very quickly – it will have a real positive benefit on that relationship, building trust and loyalty. The immediacy that IDP allows can bring massive benefits to data suppliers who embrace it.

Thank you, Tim, for an insightful conversation.

The recent introduction of the IDP API marks a significant milestone for both TecDoc and Elcome, demonstrating a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. You can learn more about the IDP API here!