C.D.R. Introduces TecRMI-based App for Garages

The steadily increasing amount of car models makes it more and more complicated to identify the correct replacing part. To support workshops in this task and also provide them with prices and labour times, the Italian distributor C.D.R. has launched the ONDRIVE app. The app integrates both TecDoc and TecRMI data and was developed in collaboration with Tips4y, our longstanding partner in Portugal.

“Success in the automotive aftermarket is generated by creating a dynamic circle: if your customer is successful, you will be successful, too, and this applies to all players in the supply chain”, explains Lionel Zangari, CEO of C.D.R.

In response to the complex demands faced by garages and spare parts dealers in their day-to-day operations, C.D.R. developed the ONDRIVE app with integrated TecDoc and TecRMI data.

A Helping Hand for the Workshop

“With the many demands that garages and parts dealers have to deal with in their daily work through countless parts searches, maintenance quotations, management of various difficult repairs or other procedures, having extra help can certainly be welcome,” says Marc Lombardi, Commercial Director at C.D.R.

Thanks to the integration of TecRMI and TecDoc data, Tips4y centralised the entire maintenance and repair cycle in a single device. A photo of the number plate is all a workshop needs to generate cost estimates based on OE and aftermarket prices and labour times. This information can be easily shared with customers and transformed into orders for spare parts dealers.

Mechanics get instant access to technical repair manuals, wiring diagrams, diagnostic trouble codes, service schedules, and many more. can also access repair manuals, perform digital service book entries and get live support from our dedicated workshop expert hotline.

Benefits for Spare Parts Dealers

For spare parts dealers, the ONDRIVE app provides a range of advantages that enhance customer loyalty, professionalism, and internal operations efficiency. The app allows them to do more with less, reduce costs without compromising quality, sell more efficiently, and maximise overall operational efficiency. Additionally, spare parts dealers can gain in-depth insights into their customers, optimise communication, and offer a simplified yet effective customer experience.

Successful Teamwork

Tips4y, a long-standing partner of TecAlliance, played a crucial role in seamlessly integrating TecDoc and TecRMI functionality into C.D.R.’s ONDRIVE app. By working closely with TecAlliance, Tips4y ensured that the app meets the needs of mechanics, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for tasks such as quotations and accessing technical data.

“We have been TecAlliance’s partner in Portugal for many years, and the Portuguese and Italian aftermarket are quite similar. C.D.R. thus benefited from our extensive knowledge of the market and our experience in developing agile and simple solutions. The App we developed for C.D.R. fits our aim to increase productivity and simplify daily operations for aftermarket professionals,” explains Miguel Cabral, Product Manager of Tips4y.

Are you also interested in leveraging the vast and detailed TecDoc parts information, catalogue features and TecRMI repair and maintenance data under your personal brand and offering a tailored user experience for your customers? Talk to our experts