We successfully reach for the trainer stars

We are once again named one of Germany’s best trainers. This is the result of the study “Germany’s best trainers”, which the business magazine Capital conducted for the seventh time in a row with 567 companies. With the excellent result of 5 out of 5 possible stars in the training category and 5 out of 5 possible stars in the dual study program category, we are one of the award-winning companies.

We talk to Kerstin Langohr, Group Manager Vocational Training, about this wonderful result.

Congratulations on this fantastic result Kerstin. It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Kerstin: Many thanks for the congratulations. But this is not all down to me. I would like to thank all the trainers and all my colleagues who have helped us to achieve this great result again in 2023 and support the topic of training at TecAlliance.

As an expert in data management, we are driving digitalisation in the automotive aftermarket. Were digitalisation topics taken into account in the trainer assessment?

Kerstin: The main categories remained the same. However, compared to the previous year, this time the questions also focused on technical skills and innovative methods in dealing with digital media. This shows that we are on the right track with our digitalization initiative in training. We see well-trained IT specialists as one of our key success factors.

Our current training program is focused on our locations in Germany. But we are a globally active company. To what extent are there plans to globalise the training on offer?

Kerstin: We are thinking in different directions here. On the one hand, we would like to strengthen our collaboration with students from Tenerife. On the other hand, we are specifically looking for international applicants who will complete their training with us and then return if necessary or help us to improve cooperation with colleagues abroad from Germany.

Do you have the impression that these consistently very good ratings in the past have triggered a regional surge in applications and that training places could be filled more quickly?

Kerstin: I can’t assess it regionally, but international applicants have repeatedly asked us about it. This spurs us on to continue working on our high standard of training so that we can once again achieve a very good ranking in 2024. We will use the result to continue to be recognised as an attractive training partner. Not only regionally, but also internationally, we can compete with numerous well-known companies with this result.

Kerstin, thank you very much for the open dialogue and continue to achieve the best trainer results.

Here you can find all results (German only): Das sind Deutschlands beste Ausbilder 2023 – Capital.de


A total of 567 companies took part in the comprehensive study, which was carried out from mid-March to mid-May this year. The participating companies include Dax corporations and public authorities as well as medium-sized companies and craft workshops. All had to answer a detailed catalogue of questions and were assessed according to the same criteria.

The survey has been divided into five categories:

  • Supervision and integration of trainees in the company, incl. qualification and support of trainers
  • Learning in the company (teaching methods, performance reviews, training plans)
  • Strategies and budget for training marketing
  • Innovative methods (use of digital media, how the company integrates the technical skills of its trainees into practice)
  • Trainees’ chances of success (retention and drop-out rates, training and starting salaries, career opportunities and further training options after training)

In each of these five categories we have achieved the highest score.