Direct access to our repair, maintenance & diagnostics data

Our web portal provides technical data for all common vehicle manufacturers in the areas of repair, mechanics, maintenance and diagnostics for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


  • Determine scope of services & spare parts
  • Spare parts packages
  • Proposal work
  • Special tools
  • Resource planning

Developed with workshops & their processes in mind

TecRMI Online was developed specifically for the requirements of workshops and supports the entire workshop process with data intelligence – from scheduling the appointment with the customer to preparation, vehicle acceptance, diagnosis, repair and final vehicle handover.

The TecRMI database contains manufacturer-compliant working times, spare parts and special tools, repair instructions, information on electrical components and much more.

The web application is accessed from any browser without installation. TecRMI Online is also available as a white-label solution that is individually adapted to the customer’s corporate design. Integration into a dealer management system (DMS) can also be realised.

“Our web portal TecRMI Online was developed from practical experience for practical use. It was particularly important to us to design the portal in a user-friendly and intuitive way and to make the workshops’ daily work easier. The online portal allows the workshop to plan resources better, work more efficiently, save time and money and ensure a valuable offering for their customers.”

Christian Bergmann, Vice President TecRMI

Ease of mind for workshops that can concentrate on getting the job done!

Increase your efficiency & get smart support during your entire repair & maintenance process right from the start:

Support & Planning

Support for direct acceptance through checklists and simplified planning of work processes including necessary parts and special tools

Increased quality

Higher repair quality through complete spare part suggestions & safer execution of work through standardised repair and maintenance data

More efficiency

targeted resource planning of workshop staff less administrative effort for ordering parts or searching for information

Call an expert

Stuck on a difficult repair? Call our dedicated workshop expert support, accessing our vast data base of repair solutions for your specific car

  • Graphical component selection
  • Selection of the required service with the Service Finder
  • Display of the required special tools incl. OE number
  • Manufacturer-compliant working times with integrated overlap calculation
  • Automatic spare parts package formation
  • Efficient planning of repair work
  • Vehicle maintenance maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Vehicle identification via VIN, national codes such as KBA or via manufacturer-model-type

OEM-compliant maintenance plans with ServiceFinder in our Maintenance module

Our ServiceFinder gives easy access to OEM-compliant maintenance plans and intervals. The required spare parts are selected automatically. Additional information on capacities and specifications are also provided.

Just enter the mileage, the date of first registration and the type of transmission for receiving suggestions for maintenance work and intervals. These can be edited and added to the shopping basket.

Find your components by simply clicking on them with our Graphics module

The graphical component selection offers an alternative search method to the classic text search tree.

By simply clicking on the respective vehicle part, components or further information can be retrieved quickly and specifically. This leads to an efficient search and thus to significant time savings in your workshop process.

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Adjust – Technical data & settings

The Adjust module provides technical data for carrying out repairs or maintenance including:

  • Setting values
  • Specifications
  • Filling quantities
  • Tightening torques
  • Test values

Our additional modules to enhance your processes

The available data & functionality of TecRMI® Repair & Maintenance Information Online are both extensive and versatile.

Our offering is modularly structured in order to adapt the scope to meet your requirements.

Get started today with the right data for your needs

Whether you just need basic data or take advantage of our advanced modules to enhance your processes. We’ve got you covered with our three TecRMI® packages.

PRO 21
Labour times
Graphic search
VIN filter
Wheels & tyres
Maintenance plans
Repair instructions
Service circulars & OE recalls
Technical data
Special Tools
Position of assembly
Diagnostic data
Circuit diagrams
Fuse & relay assignment

Question? Talk to an expert about enhancing your workshop processes

Let one of our consultants walk you through our repair and maintenance data and discover how our different modules & offerings can support you and your customers


OEM compliant service proposals

Parts finder

Complete spare parts suggestions


Transparent calculations of your work


Step-by-step guidance for repairs

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