Elevating the Standard in TecDoc Data Quality

We believe that excellence in data quality is not just a goal but a journey. Today, we are excited to share a significant milestone we’ve achieved in our ongoing commitment to data excellence.

In the most recent supplier evaluation conducted in May 2024, 32% of the brands in the TecDoc Catalogue were awarded the prestigious “Premier Data Supplier” (PDS) seal. This recognition is given to brands that meet our rigorous data quality standards.

Since 2021, we’ve been working closely with parts manufacturers to enhance the quality of data in the TecDoc Catalogue. Through the introduction of stricter key performance indicators (KPIs) and enhanced validations, we’ve systematically improved the accuracy and standardization of product information.

Today, 358 brands hold PDS status underscoring our collective dedication to quality. Impressively, around 84% of the brands in our TecDoc Catalogue now meet the Certified Data Supplier or Premier Data Supplier standards. This means they provide product information that is either very good or excellent, adhering to the internationally recognized TecDoc Standard.

A cornerstone of our success is our rigorous Data Quality Management (DQM) Initiative. In 2024, we will introduce new KPIs designed to further enhance the quality and reliability of the data in the TecDoc Catalogue.

As Andreas Assmann, Director Data Quality Management states: “Continuous efforts to improve data quality are crucial. As the digital aftermarket constantly evolves, TecDoc evolves with it to meet customer needs. We ensure precise part identification and comprehensive, accurate product information to facilitate faster decision-making at the Point of Sale. Feedback from the latest TecDoc Data User Group Meetings has revealed that these efforts are highly valued, especially given the increasing complexity and diversity of vehicles.”

Our commitment goes beyond just evaluating supplier data against well-defined KPIs. We understand that ongoing communication with both data suppliers and data users is essential to maintaining the highest standards of quality. That’s why we’ve established national and international TecDoc expert groups and data user group meetings.

For more details on our data quality management initiatives and to participate in the ongoing discussions aimed at enhancing the TecDoc Catalogue, please visit https://www.tecalliance.net/tecdoc-dataquality/