TecRMI provides data for electric vehicles

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly important to the global automotive market. Sales figures for electric cars have risen to 4% of new sales in America, 9% in China and 14% in Europe. This trend will continue in the coming years.

With an increase in the number of vehicles, the topic is also becoming increasingly important for independent workshops to expand their range and remain competitive. However, a large number of safety-relevant instructions must be observed when carrying out the work in order to ensure the safety of the automotive mechatronics technicians. TecRMI therefore supports you with manufacturer-compliant information when working on electric as well as hybrid vehicles.

Safe and correct repair of electric and hybrid vehicles

When repairing and maintaining electric vehicles, certain differences must be taken into account compared to classic combustion engines. In addition, work on high-voltage vehicles may only be carried out by trained specialists with the appropriate training. Since the work involves many dangers if carried out incorrectly, we support you with information on the correct, manufacturer-compliant technical data, work steps and times as well as the necessary special tools.

If a repair has to be carried out on an electric or hybrid vehicle, it is often necessary to disconnect the vehicle from the power supply. The workshop has to deal with electric motors, high-voltage batteries and other components that are not found in cars with classic combustion engines. There are many steps to be followed for this, for which we offer instructions for deactivating high-voltage systems and for activating the maintenance or diagnostic mode for hybrid vehicles with our TecRMI repair manuals. You will also receive an overview of all the special tools required for this work. In addition, we provide the necessary safety and warning instructions specified by the vehicle manufacturer to assist in carrying out the work safely.

TecRMI Online Diagnostics or Maintenance mode

Technical data and labour times available

In addition to repair manuals, you can access other helpful information on technical data and specifications, providing you with important information such as which coolant is required for the respective electric vehicle. We have also recorded the most relevant manufacturer-compliant working times. You thus benefit from a variety of valuable information for carrying out repairs and maintenance on a hybrid or electric vehicle safely and in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

When selecting an electric or hybrid vehicle in our web application TecRMI Online, corresponding safety information is already displayed under the selected vehicle. These notes immediately indicate that important safety precautions must be observed when working on vehicles with high-voltage batteries. As a result, the safety standard within the workshop is further enhanced.

TecRMI Online Danger Warning

Access information for a wide range of vehicles

We have recorded information on the topic of activating diagnostic and maintenance mode for you for all relevant hybrid and electric vehicles. These include current models such as:

  • Hyundai Ionic,
  • BMW i3,
  • Renault Zoe,
  • Nissan Leaf,
  • VWe-UP
  • Volvo V90 II plug-in hybrid and
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC (X253) 300 e plug-in hybrid.

The relevant notes, manuals, technical data and labour times are manufacturer-compliant and standardised. You therefore have the advantage of receiving information from different vehicle manufacturers that all follow the same structure and wording. With TecRMI data for electric and hybrid vehicles, we help you to expand your range and thus remain competitive.

In addition to the electromobility trend, TecRMI also responds to other current changes in the automotive market. We provide you with manufacturer-compliant information for the repair and maintenance of vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems.

TecRMI – Technical data of all current vehicle manufacturers

With TecRMI – Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) – we offer you comprehensive, manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data. Whatever you need, we have the right information for you – thanks to a wide range of technical data from all common vehicle manufacturers for the areas of repair, maintenance and diagnostics.