WALSER sets standards with its data in TecDoc

We are delighted to announce that the renowned WALSER Group has joined TecDoc as a data supplier. Since its foundation in 1977, WALSER GmbH, based in Hohenems, Austria, has been a pioneer in manufacturing and distributing products for automotive equipment, safety and comfort, sport and leisure.

WALSER offers a wide range of products, including car seat covers and pads, car mats and carpets, booster seats, child seats and much more. Hans-Karl Walser, the company’s CEO, emphasises: “We are one of the leading companies in the field of automotive equipment, safety and comfort. Customer focus, flexibility, and efficiency are our strengths!”

As a supplier to major retail chains in self-service department stores, car centres, DIY stores and online marketplaces, WALSER sells products for all car brands. With ten locations in Europe, Asia, and the USA, WALSER is active in sales, logistics, and production.

WALSER and TecDoc: Streamlining Product Data Management

WALSER is revolutionizing the automotive accessories industry by being one of the first companies to offer its business partners seamless access to its extensive data via the TecDoc Catalogue. Through the integration of WALSER product data into the TecDoc catalogue, distribution partners will now have immediate access to WALSER’s extensive data. This not only eliminates the need for manual article creation but also facilitates the quick and precise integration of key product data into the systems of business partners. It also provides end customers with an enhanced ability to find suitable and high-quality car parts.

The K-Type number assigned to WALSER articles acts as a unique identifier for vehicles. This approach not only enables a targeted selection of suitable parts but also improves the findability of products through vehicle-type searches on various online platforms.

Driving Success with TecDoc

WALSER’s data in the TecDoc catalogue is critical to achieving aftermarket objectives. It enables efficient management of product data without time-consuming manual processes. The accuracy of TecDoc data ensures that all information on WALSER products is correct and up to date, guaranteeing reliability and quality.

WALSER offers a wide range of products through various online shops, giving customers convenient access to products from their homes. Integrating TecDoc data into e-commerce platforms will significantly strengthen WALSER’s online presence, improve searchability and increase sales.

The WALSER Group’s plans for the Aftermarket

The WALSER Group has ambitious plans for the aftermarket, aiming to strengthen its position as a leading supplier of automotive equipment products. The plans include expanding the product portfolio to meet evolving customer needs. They also focus on increasing its presence in e-commerce to offer customers convenient access to products and on integrating cutting-edge technologies to improve efficiency and quality.

Together, the WALSER Group and TecDoc are setting new standards in the automotive equipment industry.

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