Unveiling IDP Data Supplier API: 10 Must-Know Facts

Navigating the complexities of data management demands tools that are efficient, seamlessly integrated, and highly adaptable.

Meet the IDP (Instant Data Processing) Data Supplier API — an innovative cornerstone of the TecDoc Ecosystem. Designed to enhance accuracy, productivity and accessibility, the IDP Data Supplier API is set to transform the way you handle data.

Curious to learn more? Here are ten essential things you need to know about the IDP Data Supplier API, your bridge to TecDoc’s powerful ecosystem:

1. It is at the heart of everything in the New TecDoc Ecosystem.
Whether you use TecDoc ONE, TecDoc DataWave, or choose the direct connection, it is always the IDP Data Supplier API that takes care of the data and provides instant publishing. The now multiple TecDoc input channels offer the same standard of quality and service.

2. It is not just a promise – it is live.
IDP is being used by more than 300 brands* that have already decided to be in the new TecDoc Ecosystem. The first customers have also connected their systems directly to the API. Also, the biggest TecDoc Service Provider and Partners launched their systems to be ready for IDP.

3. It is 100% online
There is no need for installation or maintenance of TecAlliance software. The entire IDP backend works cloud-based.

4. It is based on established technical standards
The IDP Data Supplier API is a REST API. Nearly every existing programming environment, standard software, and infrastructure can be effortlessly connected by using plugins or other add-ons that come with your individual system choice.

5. It is closer to your business
TecDoc data is no longer split into several different tables to fit into a relational model. It works on the basis of documents. Each document is a text file containing all the information about the basic business objects such as articles and linkages.

6. It is easy to understand
The document-based approach makes any implementation and data records easier to understand and maintain. Further system adjustments are unlikely to be as extensive as in a TAF-based environment.

7. Integration with your own PIM systems
Your team members who maintain product information for TecDoc will continue using the well-known tools and processes of your company. They do not need to be trained on a different tool but continue working on the same data further.

8. Validation rules are always up-to-date
The IDP Data Supplier API provides a server-side validation. It is always up-to-date and any kind of adjustments can be made available in a very short amount of time. There is no need for you to care about any new version of TecDoc DMM software or the like anymore.

9. It is connected to all TecDoc Data Users
Any data published via the IDP Data Supplier API is available to all TecDoc Data Users, no matter if they are connected to the TecDoc Webservice or use the TecDoc Catalogue. Even TecDoc Data Package Users can receive the latest updates once a week.

10. You can test it without obligation
Curious? See it in action with our 100% complete test system at your disposal. Just contact us and one of our Technical Consultants will contact you to discuss the next steps, obligation- free.

Follow the link to get in touch: https://www.tecalliance.net/contact-tecdoc/

*as of May 2024