Telematics Boost Efficiency in Fleet Management

For fleet operators and leasing companies, it is crucial to optimise fleet utilisation and minimise operating costs. In the service, maintenance and repair (SMR) sector, our TecFleet solution supports process automation and now offers innovative use cases through the integration of telematics data.

Fleet managers and operators face numerous challenges in managing their vehicles. These include optimising vehicle utilisation and availability while minimising operating costs and repair times. They need to keep track of the condition and activities of their vehicles in order to identify and rectify potential problems at an early stage. In this context, telematics data is invaluable as it provides comprehensive insight into the condition of the fleet.

With our TecFleet solution we support fleet operators in all SMR processes. From automated review and approval of quotes to automated invoice review and approval, intelligent data and services enable significant cost savings and more efficient processes.

The integration of telematics data from CARUSO, the neutral, open and secure marketplace for automotive data, creates additional optimisation opportunities.

Full control with telematics data

By integrating vehicle data such as vehicle position, fuel consumption, mileage or loading status in the TecFleet portal, fleet operators can implement innovative use cases in their vehicle management and reduce operating costs.

Monitoring mileage helps identify vehicle overuse or underuse. This allows planning of mileage-based maintenance and calculation of the exact cost per kilometre. The transmission of the vehicle’s location at the beginning and end of a trip, or – depending on data protection settings – even during the trip, enables optimal deployment planning.

The fuel and battery status of pool vehicles can be called up in the TecFleet portal to optimise fuel costs and ensure that vehicles are returned fully fuelled or charged.

A detailed vehicle overview provides a clear view of the fleet’s condition at any time. It transparently displays which vehicles are at which location with which mileage and whether there are any anomalies, such as upcoming maintenance work or error messages.

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