TecAlliance’s Commitment to E-Mobility and a Sustainable Future

As more companies transition to e-mobility within their fleets, the aim is often to engage employees in this significant change. Each company has its unique approach, but fostering a shift in employee mindset is frequently a crucial element.

At TecAlliance, we prioritise our environmental footprint and have set an ambitious goal to become CO2-neutral by 2030. As part of this initiative, we are increasing our adoption of e-mobility. To encourage the choice of electric vehicle amongst our employees, we offer higher class e-vehicles than plug-in hybrids. Additionally, we support our employees in their private transition to e-mobility. Employees who purchase an electric vehicle for personal use have the option to acquire a company charging card. They only need to cover the basic fee for the backend service, and in return, they can charge their vehicles at our facilities as often as needed at no extra cost.

In 2022, we collaborated with Mer to set up 26 charging points at our Cologne site. In 2023, we expanded the charging infrastructure at our Weikersheim site, again partnering with Mer. The standout feature of this expansion was the integration of 25 on-site charging points with our own photovoltaic (PV) system installed on the parking lot roofs, along with our own battery storage, with the battery storage using repurposed electric vehicle batteries. Both our building and the charging park with 25 charging points are integrated into this comprehensive energy system. We have even reserved additional racks to further increase capacity in the future. This comprehensive energy solution positively impacts our overall energy consumption and CO2 footprint.

By implementing these sustainable, CO2-neutral solutions, we are actively working towards our 2030 CO2 neutrality goal. At TecAlliance, we are committed to making real, lasting changes that contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.