Stonehill illuminates the Aftermarket with TecDoc

Stonehill, a dynamic Swedish company, has joined TecDoc, expanding the TecDoc family of data suppliers.

Illuminating the Road Ahead

Based near Gothenburg, Stonehill offers a diverse portfolio of aftermarket products with a focus on automotive lighting and accessories. From warning lights to auxiliary lights and work light OEM projects, Stonehill covers every aspect of vehicle lighting needs. The extensive range includes not only the lights themselves, but also wiring harnesses and brackets designed to fit perfectly on any vehicle. Stonehill’s commitment to developing OEM projects based on customer requirements sets the company apart from other suppliers in the industry.

By working with carefully selected brands and suppliers that maintain a high level of quality, Stonehill offers its customers reliable solutions for all situations. Stonehill distributes its products through a network of dealers, particularly those that provide installation services.

Shining Bright in Scandinavia

The Swedish company currently operates in Scandinavia, intending to expand its presence to a broader market and reach companies outside of Scandinavia.

Stonehill being in TecDoc reflects our commitment to supporting the growth of businesses. TecDoc serves as a bridge that not only helps Stonehill reach a wider audience but also assists Stonehill’s dealers in finding the correct products efficiently. One of the key features TecDoc offers is the ability to search for products using the vehicle’s license plate number, simplifying the process, and ensuring accuracy.

Lighting Up the Future

As we welcome Stonehill into the TecDoc family, we also celebrate their recent achievement — the launch of the world’s first dynamic extra lights. This groundbreaking solution for Volvo trucks adjusts the illumination of extra lights based on oncoming traffic, showcasing Stonehill’s dedication to innovation and safety in the automotive industry.

TecDoc is excited to be part of Stonehill’s journey into new horizons of the aftermarket industry.

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