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SKF Aftermarket Expands into Africa with TecDoc

In a strategic move aimed at shaping the automotive aftermarket landscape in the Africa region, SKF, an established manufacturer of automotive components, has unveiled plans for expansion with TecDoc, a globally recognised vehicle and replacement parts catalogue.

We are proud to be the provider of the TecDoc catalogue, where businesses present their products globally, reaping unmatched visibility and increased sales within the aftermarket network.

SKF, a trusted manufacturer of diverse components from wheel ends to suspension parts, now adds to this dynamic landscape. The SKF vehicle aftermarket has a product range of over 20,000 repair products in unmatched quality for cars, trucks, and two-wheelers. These products are distributed through a strong network of more than 10 000 distributors and dealers.

“The decision to expand with TecDoc was a natural choice for SKF. In Europe, being a data supplier in TecDoc enables SKF to effectively manage and display all our part information for each chosen country and market. TecAlliance then provides this data to all our customers who are already working with TecAlliance, using a standardised format. Our customers utilise this parts information to promote and sell products through their e-commerce platforms, ERP to ERP systems, and digital channels. This approach has proven successful for us in Europe, which is why we decided to expand our data supplier contract to Africa, particularly considering the market’s increasing digitisation.”

Heinrich Stoltz, SKF Sales Manager Automotive South Africa

TecDoc is committed to empowering businesses by providing accurate and up-to-date parts data and best-in-class data solutions to drive success in the independent aftermarket locally, regionally, and globally.