PETRONAS Fuels Growth in EMEA with TecDoc

We are thrilled to announce that PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) has joined TecDoc to accelerate its growth across the EMEA region.

PLI’s top automotive lubricants brands, including PETRONAS Syntium, PETRONAS Urania, PETRONAS Tutela, PETRONAS Sprinta, PETRONAS Paraflu, Urania Iveco, Selenia Mopar and Selenia Open Market, will become available to TecDoc customers across Germany, Austria, France, BLX, the UK, Spain, and Poland.

“Our presence on TecDoc is an important step on our journey to grow PLI as one of the world’s leading lubricants companies. Access to TecDoc’s database will help us to reach customers directly and make our products far more accessible, enabling more drivers around Europe to enjoy longer engine life, greater fuel efficiency, and optimised vehicle performance.”

Giuseppe Pedretti, Regional Managing Director at PETRONAS Lubricants International

The collaboration with us will enable the global lubricants leader to align with competitors, open new business routes, and grow in key markets. Ultimately, the partnership is set to reinforce PLI’s strategic objectives across Europe: to increase sales and brand visibility. With the support of TecDoc, PLI is aiming to solidify its market share and form closer relationships with customers going forward.

“Finding the right oils for a vehicle has become increasingly complicated in Europe due to OEM requirements for new engine technologies and emission standard requirements. TecDoc is the ideal end-to-end system for accurate parts identification and allows one to select the correct engine oil easily. We are happy that PETRONAS Lubricants International has decided to join as a TecDoc Data Supplier, further completing the product category of lubricants.”

Fabrizio Giannelli, Vice President Data Manager Manufacturer