Celebrating Excellence: JNPSoft OptiCat Customers Shine at Auto Care Connect Week in Chicago

We are proud to announce that the customers of our North American subsidiary JNPSoft OptiCat took home almost all the awards at the Auto Care Connect week thanks to their top-notch catalogue submissions. Our Product Information Management (PIM) systems, data distribution platform (OnBoard), and data management services helped the customers achieve these results. 

JNPSoft OptiCat has been at the forefront of assisting aftermarket auto part suppliers in the USA and Canada by offering a wide range of services. These include mapping, data management, development, validation, and publication of catalog data in compliance with ACES® and PIES™ standards. Their solutions and e-commerce platforms play a crucial role in helping suppliers within the automotive industry and beyond, ensuring efficient management and distribution of digital product information.

The ACPN Content Excellence Awards recognises companies for excellence in the content management space based on ACES® and PIESTM data standards. The Auto Care Connect week witnessed a dazzling display of excellence, and JNPSoft OptiCat’s customers took center stage. Their outstanding catalogue submissions garnered well-deserved accolades across various categories. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of their impressive achievements:

1. Dorman Products Inc: Web-Based Catalogue Gold Winner

  • Dorman’s web-based catalogue stood out for its exceptional quality and user-friendly interface. Navigating through their extensive product offerings was a breeze, thanks to their well-organised content and support for our team and out software solutions.

2. MagnaFlow Exhaust Products: Gold in the “Year Make Model Applications Only” Category (Small)

  • MagnaFlow’s precision in year, make, and model applications was commendable. Attention to detail ensured that customers could easily find the right fit for their vehicles.

3. Winhere Brake Parts Inc: Gold in the “Year Make Model Applications Only” Category (Medium)

  • Winhere Brake Parts demonstrated unwavering dedication to accuracy. Comprehensive data on year, make, and model compatibility set a high standard for the industry.

4. NTN Bearing Corporation: Gold in the “Year Make Model Applications Only” Category (Large)

  • NTN’s extensive coverage of year, make, and model data left a lasting impression. Commitment to providing reliable information was evident in every catalog entry.

5. Old World Industries: Gold for Manufacturer/Equipment Model Applications Only

  • Old World Industries excelled in capturing intricate details about manufacturer-specific and equipment-specific applications. Thoroughness ensured that users could make informed decisions.

6. Dorman Products Inc.: Receivers Choice Award from Advance Auto Parts

  • Dorman’s content resonated with receivers, earning them this prestigious award. Ability to connect with end-users through accurate and engaging content was commendable.

7. Baldwin Filters: Receivers Choice Award from Auto Value – Bumper to Bumper

  • Baldwin Filters’ content made a significant impact on Auto Value. Delivering valuable information contributed to their well-deserved recognition.

8. Dorman Products Inc: Receivers Choice Award from AutoZone Inc.

  • AutoZone acknowledged Dorman’s outstanding contributions. Content not only informed but also empowered users, making the shopping experience seamless.

9. MotorRad: Receivers Choice Award from Epicor Software Corporation

  • MotorRad’s content caught the attention of Epicor Software. Dedication to accuracy and relevance was instrumental in securing this award.

10. Cardone Industries Inc: Receivers Choice Award from PartsTech Inc.

  • PartsTech recognised Cardone Industries’ excellence. Simplified complex automotive information, making it accessible to all.

11. Winhere Brake Parts Inc: Receivers Choice Award from WHI Solutions Inc.

  • WHI Solutions applauded Winhere Brake Parts for their achievements. Outstanding data integrity and usability set them apart.

Congratulations to all the winners! Content management, adherence to industry standards, and commitment to user satisfaction have truly paid off. As we celebrate their success, we look forward to even greater achievements in the future.