Beware: Job Scam Alert! Protect Yourself from Impersonators

In today’s interconnected world, where opportunities often come knocking through digital channels, it’s essential to remain vigilant against potential scams. At TecAlliance, we value integrity and transparency, which is why we feel it’s imperative to warn individuals about a recent job scam impersonating our company.

What’s Happening?

Scammers, posing as TecAlliance representatives, are approaching potential victims through various channels, including Skype, LinkedIn, and email (tecalliance@teamtailor.PRO). They entice potential victims with a story about a job offer and fake documents bearing counterfeit signatures of TecAlliance employees. These scams typically involve:

– Gathering personal information, including participation in personality tests.
– Tricking victims into logging into applications for potential identity theft (
– Coercing victims into purchasing their own equipment for the purported job.
– Money laundering (a scheme that includes printing checks by the victims).

Stay Alert!

It’s crucial to remain vigilant and sceptical of any unsolicited job offers or requests for personal information.

Remember, we will never contact you via Skype or from suspicious email addresses like tecalliance@teamtailor.PRO. We will never ask you to purchase your own equipment, print checks, login to, do personality tests or engage in questionable activities.

If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of any communication purportedly from TecAlliance, please reach out to our security team at for verification.

A Call to Action

While we continue our efforts to actively combat this issue, we encourage all potential victims to remain cautious and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. Together with HR, Marketing, and our partners, we remain committed to safeguarding individuals from falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

Your safety and security are our top priorities at TecAlliance. By staying informed, remaining vigilant, and working together, we can protect ourselves and others from falling prey to these malicious actors. Stay safe, stay informed, and together, we can outsmart the scammers.