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Accelerate Growth with our Partner Program  

In January 2023, we launched our “TecAlliance Partner Program” which supports software vendors and consultants who resell, integrate and advise on our products and solutions to help businesses grow and succeed in the global automotive aftermarket. 
With over 23 Partners signed in just one year, the TecAlliance Partner Program (TAPP) is a great success, not only for us, but also for our Partners, who are gaining skills, growing faster and earning more.  
Our latest partner, Giorgio Suita SAS, has been in the IAM for 15 years and has just joined our programme. The owner, Giorgio Suita, says:  “As market leader, TecAlliance has created the standard for Europe, which is evolving in a worldwide direction. We have always been using their solutions which we integrate into ours. Today, we are their technical partners for Europe and the Middle East.” 
One of our long-term partners is QUANTUM AutoMARKET from Serbia, whose Sales and Marketing Officer Tijana Stankovic highlights the benefits of partnering with us: “Having a caring partner with brilliant and expert personnel willing to communicate with us on various topics and requests from our end customers has been an enormous benefit, as well as a pleasant and joyful experience for our team”. 
The programme offers a range of benefits to partners including comprehensive training, individual support, and access to marketing and sales materials. Since its inception, TAPP has attracted partners from various regions all over the globe, such as GaragePlug, whose Co-Founder and CEO Shubhra Srivastava points out: “This partnership propels GaragePlug to become an integral part of the entire Middle East’s aftermarket ecosystem where we seamlessly connect auto service workshops, parts distributors, and vehicle owners.”  

In South Africa, Simon Devis, founder and CEO of JackCat spotlights: “Our decision to partner with TecAlliance was driven by the desire to efficiently save time and reduce costs associated with sourcing South African vehicle carparc data. Now, we can focus on bringing more brands to both JackCat and TecDoc.” 

The programme consists of one consultant status and three partner statuses (Partner, Silver Partner and Gold Partner) and includes seven expertise areas: TecDoc Catalogue Reseller, TecDoc Data Supplier Expert, TecDoc Data Integrator, TecCom Solutions Integrator, TecRMI Module Integrator, TecRMI Application Reseller and TecFleet Expert. Based on their expertise and market roles, our Partners receive dedicated packages containing training programmes, priority support, early access to the latest developments and solution pilots as well as extended marketing and sales support.  

“All our partners have access to all TecAlliance solutions as well as the knowledge to offer maximum benefits to their customers through the highest possible integration and service quality. Partners can provide ‘one-stop shopping’ to their customers because they cover the complete value chain in the automotive market. This helps them to generate additional revenue and improve market recognition”, explains Robert Szwed, Vice President Partner Management. 

We have been empowering automotive aftermarket players for more than 30 years, enabling
parts manufacturers, dealers, workshops, and fleet operators to thrive with our standardised data solutions. Our TecAlliance Partner Program further amplifies the growth potential for both new and existing partners by equipping them with the necessary skills.  

“To be an official partner of one of the world’s most innovative automotive data companies, such as TecAlliance, is a great privilege and an additional challenge to become an important part of the global TecDoc family”, emphasises Zoran Dochinski, General Director of GBB Group. 
Did you get curious and want to know more about the benefits of becoming a TecAlliance Partner? Then reach out to us at Partner-management@tecalliance.net We are eager to extend our network of resellers, software vendors and consultants in the independent automotive aftermarket!