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VIEROL expands into Africa and Asia with TecDoc

VIEROL AG has taken an important strategic step to strengthen its global presence in the automotive aftermarket industry. The company has extended its data supplier contract with TecDoc for its ACKOJA, VAICO and VEMO brands. VIEROL is always looking beyond the borders of Europe to the promising markets of Africa, South Asia, East Asia and South East Asia. This expansion marks a pivotal moment for VIEROL.

Specialising in electronic components and engine management for the automotive sector, VIEROL is a globally successful company. Headquartered in Oldenburg, Germany, VIEROL supplies over 50,000 high-quality vehicle parts to automotive professionals in 125 countries worldwide. VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA are the brands of the VIEROL product portfolio, offering a comprehensive range of vehicle components from traditional engine and transmission parts to the latest electric and hybrid vehicle technologies.

We are proud to be part of VIEROL AG’s global expansion. Through our collaboration, VIEROL will access TecDoc’s extensive network, enabling seamless integration into new markets in Africa and Asia. VIEROL recognises the importance of local insight in understanding market dynamics and consumer preferences. By leveraging the expertise of our local teams and our full suite of services, VIEROL will be able to navigate the complexities of diverse automotive landscapes and establish a strong footprint in new regions and markets.

In addition, VIEROL has decided to use Vehicles in Operation (VIO) data for the regions Europe, Africa and Asia. This data will be used as a basis for VIEROL’s product development and sales, as well as for offering a customised product portfolio. This strategic decision enables VIEROL to make data-driven decisions, using precise registration figures to fine-tune its product offerings according to market needs. By aligning its product strategy with market insights, VIEROL can effectively meet the needs of its customers and bring to life its strategy of optimal product availability and on-time delivery to customers.

Mrs. Anne Suess, Head of Global strategic pricing & data at VIEROL, explains the plans behind the strategic decision:

“Vehicle in Operation data empower our business to optimize offerings, pricing, potential business and enhance and strengthen our valued customer relationships for sustained competitiveness in the market.”

VIEROL is opening up new horizons in Africa and Asia. Supported by our aftermarket expertise, the possibilities are endless. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of VIEROL AG as it paves the way for a brighter future in the global automotive aftermarket industry.

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