Expert Interview: Discover the power of TecDoc ONE

Welcome to the future of data management! Today, we have the pleasure of delving into the dynamic world of TecDoc ONE, a revolutionary global Product Information Management (PIM) system redefining the landscape of product data management.

Join Teo Pop, Product Owner of TecDoc ONE, as he unveils the intricacies of TecDoc ONE, a cloud-based platform designed to handle TecDoc Catalogue data in real-time seamlessly!

Thank you, for joining us today, Teo. First, could you please tell us about yourself and your previous experience?

I am pleased to be here. I have a background in data management, which has always played a central role in my professional life. For twelve years, I was deeply immersed in the world of data while working for a parts manufacturer. I saw the business from that side and learned how the market operates. I got involved in the complexity of the data delivery processes.

As a result, I understand the challenges that parts manufacturers face in handling diverse data standards, particularly TecDoc and Autocare. Navigating and aligning with these standards has been a crucial part of my responsibilities, and this knowledge enables me to effectively guide our customers through the complexities of these industry standards.

Moving on to your current role at TecAlliance, could you tell us your focus?

I switched sides to join TecAlliance in January 2023. In my current role as the Product Owner for TecDoc ONE, my focus is to help our customers utilise data effectively in their daily operations. Data management should be as seamless as possible to meet the unique needs of aftermarket customers.

How has 2023 been?

2023 has been an exciting year for us. We have achieved a significant milestone — the release of TecDoc ONE, a game-changer in the world of data management. Our growing team put in a lot of hard work to make it happen. The collaborative spirit within the team has been pivotal in reaching our goals.

So, tell us about TecDoc ONE.

TecDoc ONE is our state-of-the-art global product information management (PIM) system.
This cloud-based system empowers our users to manage TecDoc Catalogue data in or near real-time. The intuitive design of TecDoc ONE facilitates the seamless handling of high-quality product and vehicle data on a global scale.

We recognize the importance of seamless integration and alignment with multiple industry standards, particularly TecDoc and Autocare. By aligning with these standards, TecDoc ONE ensures that our customers can navigate the complex landscape of data management with ease, maximizing the value of their product information and maintaining global data.

Could you explain what makes TecDoc ONE special?

TecDoc ONE capabilities extend beyond traditional PIM systems. TecDoc ONE stands out in the industry for its holistic approach to data preparation and maintenance.

It reflects our vision to provide a “Single Source of Truth” to our users. This is a comprehensive central platform where users can reliably source, manage, and utilise accurate product information.

TecDoc ONE offers its users a comprehensive suite of tools for effective data management:

  • Instant Data Processing (IDP) is embedded into TecDoc ONE, ensuring fast and easy data delivery and real-time updates. This enables users to respond promptly to market changes.
  • TecDoc ONE includes robust template management so that users can create and customise templates for different article groups. They can provide standardised and optimised content across various product categories.
  • TecDoc ONE operates as a cloud-based application. This enhances accessibility, scalability, and collaboration. Users can access the platform securely from anywhere.
  • TecDoc ONE boasts a modern, fresh, and intuitive user interface. Users can manage the required fields with ease and tailor the interface to suit their specific needs.
  • Integration of VIO and OE product data as additional modules. Users can integrate comprehensive information to enhance the depth and accuracy of their product data.
  • TecDoc ONE includes Data Quality Management (DQM). This feature is instrumental in keeping the integrity and accuracy of data throughout its lifecycle. It includes tools to identify and correct inconsistencies or errors in the data.

TecDoc ONE is a global PIM system. Are there any specific characteristics tailored to the North American market?

TecDoc ONE includes features that support all aspects of ACES/PIES data maintenance for the North American market. This is particularly vital for data exchange and part sales there. The system covers all the critical aspects of North American data maintenance such as data entry, overlap, coverage and gap analysis, data quality, monthly validations, OptiCat integration and more. All these functions are tailored to the ACES/PIES standards.

That is quite impressive. Is TecDoc ONE already available for customers? If yes, could you share some feedback from customers who are already using it?

Many data suppliers have already started using TecDoc ONE. We plan to continue to migrate our eligible customers from DMM, CCU, and PartCat to TecDoc ONE.

The initial feedback that I received was very positive. The customers expressed satisfaction with TecDoc ONE’s advanced features and infrastructure, saying, “I can’t see why companies would not use TecDoc ONE.” It is very rewarding to hear how the solution is making a positive impact on our customers’ operations, streamlining their processes, and enhancing their efficiency.

What do you expect in 2024 for product data management?

In 2024, we anticipate even greater reliance on technology in product data management. As the industry becomes even more global, the demand for streamlined, user-friendly tools will increase. We expect data management solutions like TecDoc ONE to become even more central to businesses’ daily operations, offering a unified platform for data cataloguing.

How do you see the future of TecDoc ONE?

Our commitment extends beyond meeting expectations; we are setting the standard for product data management. We envision TecDoc ONE as a holistic and forward-looking PIM solution. More than just a tool, we are transforming it into a strategic ally to revolutionise how businesses navigate the ever-changing automotive aftermarket.

We are closing the interview with some quick fun questions. Let us go!
Was there any funny moment with ONE?

I am trying to have fun every day. But I would say Sprint 100 celebration (Karting competition is one of my favourites).

What is your favourite movie about cars?
“Ford vs Ferrari” and “Drive”.

Star Trek or Star Wars?
None of them, I prefer “Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter”.

Are you a Cat or a Dog person?
Even though I love all animals, dogs are my favourite.

Pineapple on Pizza? Yes, or No?
No, definitely!

Thank you, Teo, for sharing your interesting insights.