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Paperless returns: how to improve customer experience and cut costs

Managing the growing volume of returns is a major challenge for all players in the automotive aftermarket. Handling claims on paper only adds to the cost and time burden. Digital transformation turns returns management from a cost center into a driver of competitiveness and profitability.


Now is the time to go digital. Discover why and how.

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Digitizing automotive aftermarket returns pays off

“Going digital improves communication between automotive aftermarket trading partners, making it closer, faster, and more transparent. And it saves time and money. Our experience shows that suppliers and wholesalers can cut process costs by over 50%.”


Masato Dünßer, Product Owner TecCom Returns


Masato Dunser

Achieve more digitally with less

Address labor shortages, free staff from low-value tasks, and ensure resource constraints don't hinder your growth.

Meet customer expectations

Digital automation speeds up claim processing and improves quality, keeping customers happy and your business competitive.

Ensure compliant, sustainable practices

Paperless processes enhance security, transparency, and workflow control, while reducing paper and ink usage.

Optimize based on data insights

Digital systems centralize data, enabling detailed analysis, which can help reduce return rates by addressing underlying issues.

Mastering returns management efficiently

Returns and warranty processes are critical in supply chain management. This white paper outlines key steps to turn your returns management into a competitive advantage and boost profitability.


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