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One Year of Growth & Development for myITG

We are pleased to celebrate the first anniversary of our innovative cloud-based solution, myITG, which continues to transform the approach of automotive International Trading Groups (ITGs) towards managing their member structures and interactions. Since its relaunch in August 2022, myITG has experienced remarkable growth and has undergone significant developments, and we are excited to introduce a range of enhanced features that further streamline ITG operations and collaboration.

myITG makes it easy to efficiently prepare meetings at ITG events and enables parts manufacturers to send their sales figure reports standardised and much more granularly. All six ITGs, i.e., ATR International, Autodistribution International, global one automotive, GROUPAUTO International, NEXUS Automotive International and TEMOT International deliver regularly and in an automated, standardised process updated membership details and information about local structures. Parts manufacturers can rely on myITG to always have a complete, up-to-date picture.

“GROUPAUTO International’s strategy to support the future of the Automotive Aftermarket is based on Standardization, Integration, and Cooperation. MyITG fits well with this strategy by providing Parts Suppliers with centralized and standardized access to the status and affiliation for thousands of aftermarket parts distributors. This type of centralized information access, combined with the adoption of the standardized set of product categories also offered by MyITG, are necessary steps for the future of the Aftermarket.”

Robert Stevens, Director of Workshop Networks & Technology at GROUPAUTO International

Reflecting on the progress of the past year, myITG has seen impressive growth, with a 60% increase in suppliers, a 300% rise in traffic, and a 67% growth in user accounts. We are excited to present the notable advancements that have taken place: 

  • Harmonised reporting structure across ITGs: A notable move forward is the introduction of a harmonised reporting structure that seamlessly integrates ITGs within a unified framework. This simplifies reporting by providing a consolidated template, facilitating effortless submissions. 
  • Enhanced API integration: Acknowledging the significance of seamless information exchange, we have developed an API that establishes a direct connection between your existing internal IT systems and myITG. This allows for bidirectional data flow, ensuring that critical information flows seamlessly between myITG and the internal IT systems. 
  • Optimised matching module and divisional workflow: Our dedicated efforts have resulted in the development of a sophisticated process within the matching module. This advancement allows organisations to distribute their matching tasks across different divisions or individuals, enhancing workflow efficiency. 
  • General user experience enhancements: Over the year, we have diligently worked to enhance the user experience of myITG. The platform now offers a smoother and more intuitive interface, ensuring users can navigate and utilise its capabilities more effectively. The announcements section was restructured for more convenient access. 

“With myITG global one automotive is actively using a great and simple tool that makes another useful contribution to simplifying and standardising the visualisation of basic structural information between ITGs and suppliers.”

Ingo Reiff, Business Development Director at global one automotive

As we celebrate myITG’s successful first year, we remain dedicated to fostering industry collaboration, streamlining processes, and providing unmatched value to parts manufacturers and ITGs alike.