Welcome to our Asia Pacific Customer Day in August

Digitization is currently the major development trend of the business world, and players in the independent automotive aftermarket count on digitization to make daily operation smoother and more efficient. As a pivotal player in the digital transformation of the automotive aftermarket industry, we are committed to offering innovative data tools and solutions. We are fully aware that digitalizing product information in the automotive aftermarket offers several advantages, and we are proud that we have the comprehensive toolkit to help you.

To facilitate a seamless and efficient automotive ecosystem by connecting manufacturers, distributors, workshop chains, and e-commerce platforms, we are happy to announce that in the upcoming August, our Asia Pacific team will hold the event of TecAlliance Asia Pacific Customer Day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Pattaya, Thailand successively, with the theme of Embracing the Digital Future in Product Management and Data Management in the Automotive Aftermarket.

The first Customer Day event in Kuala Lumpur will be held on August 8 in Connexion Conference & Event Centre, which targets local businesses as our guests. The second event in Pattaya will start on August 10 in Mercure Pattaya Ocean Resort, welcoming both domestic and overseas industry players.

The event offers a unique platform for those familiar with us and for companies keen to enhance their digital operations in the automotive aftermarket. During the Customer Day, we will have three sessions, dedicated to three distinct topics, that happen concurrently in three separate rooms, and you can jump from room to room to participate in the sessions that interest you, as all sessions will be circularly repeated to allow flexible attendance.

In our PIM session, product managers and data managers gain comprehensive insights into our innovative tools, including One PIM (Product Information Management), IDP (Instant Data Processing), and DQM (Data Quality Management). These tools are revolutionizing the ways businesses manage product information, process data instantly, and improve data to a high-quality level. To enrich our discussions, we’re privileged to have on board Mr. Juergen Mehlis, EVP Data Manager Product, and Mr. Juergen Weiland, VP Data Solutions, whose extensive knowledge and insights in digital industry practices promise to enhance our understanding.

The Sanctuary Of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand

Apart from PIM session, the other two sessions will be covered by our Asian specialists on a broad range of topics pertinent to the automotive aftermarket, including automotive data & data services, catalogue and digital ordering solutions. Each key subject will be presented to offer valuable insights and practical solutions to automotive parts manufacturers, distributors, workshop chains, and e-commerce platforms.

Participating in our sophisticatedly designed Customer Day event, you will be sure to get inspiration of the latest industry trends and technologies, as well as understand their practical application on your daily operation. Our professional and well-experienced team from major markets in Asia Pacific (including but not limited to Greater China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Australia),  will be on site to address any questions you have; moreover, we also planned a special Q&A session where you are encouraged to ask us anything that’s unclear to you. Our Asia Pacific Customer Day is about building up connection as well: on that day, you will have the chance of engaging in profound discussions with our experts, networking and match-making with other industry counterparts.

Please click here to check our specific arrangement & agenda on Customer Day and fill in the attendance form if you wish to be part of this enlightening experience.