We were having a blast at the 90th edition of the China Automobile Parts Fair

What makes a successful trade fair? At China Automobile Parts Fair in Jinan, it was about the strong interest in standardized data and solutions combined with an energetic team of creative employees presenting our new branding and well-known products. 

From October 17-19, we exhibited at one of China’s greatest meeting points for the automotive industry: Founded in 1965, China Automobile Parts Fair (CAPF) is a state-owned automotive parts exhibition, held biannually every spring and autumn in different cities of China. More than 3000 exhibitors from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of China participated in the 90th edition.  

Our team has successfully shown what matters in our business: Our structured, standard web catalog format offered in China and Asia Pacific is based on the TecDoc Standard and contains China-specific vehicle and item information, the TecAlliance China-ID. A data pool that is specially modified to meet the needs of the Chinese market already contains extensive replacement part information and is being expanded continuously. 

Why our database would be nothing without our data suppliers: Their replacement parts information builds the basis for our powerful platform. As a data supplier it is possible to extend reach and tap into new markets, contributing to increased sales. We offer a variety of solutions and services for professional data management, making it easy and convenient for data suppliers to provide high-quality article data to the Chinese and global catalogue.

At China Automobile Parts Fair we also presented our solution TecCom Order Manager that helps to bundle the entire order-to-invoice process into one system. The aftermarket community benefits from the standardized message formats for all data transfers, leading to reduce time, cost, and efforts.

All aboard & off to Shanghai on November 24 for Automechanika! The Chinese TecAlliance family awaits this event eagerly. As of now, we’ll search for our best data suppliers whose data meets our stringent quality standards in an exceptional manner again this year. The award ceremony will take place during AMS.