We welcome SEG Automotive to the TecDoc Catalogue

With more than 1,000 brands and 9,800 product groups, the TecDoc Catalogue continues to expand. It provides users with a diverse portfolio of aftermarket products, giving them a broad choice of spare parts and accurate vehicle identification. SEG Automotive is a leading manufacturer for starter motors and alternators for the world’s major OEMs and the aftermarket business. To increase the visibility of their products in the automotive aftermarket and strengthen their position, SEG Automotive has decided to become a TecDoc Data Supplier.

Are you eager to learn more about SEG Automotive?

We spoke to Verena Eder, Senior Manager Aftermarket Product Management and Marketing at SEG Automotive to learn more about their business. Here is what she told us.

“Becoming a TecDoc Supplier makes our products more visible in the automotive aftermarket, laying an important cornerstone on our path.”

Verena Eder, Senior Manager Aftermarket Product Management and Marketing at SEG Automotive

Please introduce SEG Automotive to us, Ms Eder

SEG Automotive is a leading Tier1 manufacturer of starter motors, alternators and electrification components. Having emerged from the Starter Motors and Generators Division of the Bosch group, we have over 100 years of development and manufacturing experience in the OE business.In 2018 we became an independent company.

Our headquarters are located in Stuttgart, Germany, and we have a global presence with manufacturing plants and/or sales offices in 14 countries worldwide. We offer both, new and remanufactured products, for a wide range of applications: passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, motorcycles, lightweight vehicles, and special applications such as agricultural and construction machines, marine and the rail sector.

While the Original Equipment business is still very important to us (OE and OES), we are now bringing our premium quality further into the Independent Aftermarket (IAM). We expand our aftermarket activities and also enter the market with our own brand, SEG Automotive.

Do you see potential for your products in the IAM despite the growing demand for electric vehicles?

We want to be the partner of choice throughout the entire lifecycle of a vehicle. Although the share of electrification is increasing in new vehicles sales, internal combustion engines still represent the lion’s share of the current vehicles on and off the road. Therefore, starter motors and alternators remain an attractive business field in the automotive aftermarket.

Nevertheless, electrification will increasingly arrive in the aftermarket. With this, the demand for EV spare parts continues to rise. In fact, in the OE segment, we have accelerated our breakthrough into electrification and already offer scalable e-machine platforms for 48V and high voltage with equally flexible software and electronics. These constitute the next generation of our Aftermarket products.

SEG Automotive has previously operated exclusively in the OE segment – what would you like to achieve in the IAM?

The OE segment is indeed one of our strongest areas of expertise. As already mentioned, behind our seemingly ‘new’ brand stands more than a century of development and manufacturing competence in the Original Equipment segment. The ‘new’ brand itself is already very renowned in the OE business, jumping on the bandwagon effect of our long-term business relationships with all major OEMs. Our competitive products, market coverage and quality translate seamlessly to the IAM. Even before firming under the new brand, we already supplied our products to the IAM. But to grow the business we now have to increase awareness for the SEG Automotive brand.

Becoming a TecDoc Supplier makes our products more visible in the automotive aftermarket, laying an important cornerstone on our path. In October 2022, our starter motors and alternators will be listed in the TecDoc Catalogue. TecDoc provides product data for vehicle part identification to manufacturers, dealers and workshops in a format that has established itself as the global market standard. This means we will reach a broader market, giving our customers and all players across the distribution chain direct access to our aftermarket portfolio. Thus, the identification of suitable SEG Automotive products for their requirements is facilitated. The standardized data format of product and application information eases on top the embedding of our products in customers’ databases and catalogues.

What are SEG Automotive’s future ambitions?

Our product portfolio already covers today a large portion of the vehicles on and off the road. Our team continuously works on expanding our range in order to achieve an even broader market coverage. Having said this, I am focusing on both, combustion engines as well as electrical drives. As we like to say, #wearethemotor for the mobility of today and tomorrow. This relates not only to our products, but also our aim of being recognized as a reliable global partner in the aftermarket.

Difficulties in supply chains and the growing demand for sustainable products and solutions also increase the importance of remanufacturing. Therefore, we have added remanufactured products to our portfolio. We will continue to expand this product segment and list them also in TecDoc. A great benefit as Tier1 supplier is to have access to original components, guaranteeing remanufactured products with a quality on par with new ones. Plus, remanufacturing increases the availability period of old products, which in turn is of advantage to the market. Last but not least, we consider remanufacturing is an important pillar on our way for a sustainable SEG Automotive’s future, being one of the contributors to the saving of CO2 emissions.

The next step after the listing of our products in the TecDoc catalogue is to connect to TecCom, to make it easier for our customers to process their enquiries and orders electronically.

How important is data quality to you?

Uniform global quality is a key element of our continued success – and this relates not just to product development, manufacturing, products themselves, but also to data quality. Incorrect linkages lead to incorrect orders. Ultimately, everyone is dissatisfied: the wholesaler, the distributor, the mechanician at the workshop and the end consumer, who might have to manage longer without his/her vehicle until the correct product can be supplied.

Additionally, the more information about products is provided and the more accurate it is, the easier the interaction and identification of suitable products, leading to faster and safer sourcing decisions.

Therefore, our goal is to achieve Premier Data Supplier status the soonest possible so that our high-quality promise becomes even more visible in the market. For a detailed overview of our company and products, we are happy to welcome you on our aftermarket webpage: https://www.seg-automotive.com/aftermarket/