We support the training of future automotive professionals

Together with “autoFACHMANN”, the official training medium of the German motor trade association Zentralverband Deutsches Kfz-Gewerbe (ZDK), we support industrial-technical training in the field of automotive mechatronics. On the e-learning platform of “autoFACHMANN”, trainees can learn to search for parts in electronic replacement parts catalogues with tutorial videos on the TecDoc Catalogue.

Since 1972 “autoFACHMANN” has been supporting the entire career path in the automotive industry in Germany with its publications – from training, e.g. in automotive mechatronics or automotive service technology, to managing a workshop or car showroom. For the approximately 60,0000 trainees in the automotive industry, “autoFACHMANN” plans monthly publications of educational material and has chosen us for cooperation.

“Trainees do not have to remember everything. Rather, they should know where they can find the information they need promptly and reliably. For this reason, TecDoc is a good example of an established e-catalogue in the independent aftermarket”

Sybille Weinschenk, content manager for “autoFACHMANN” at Vogel Communications Group.

“While other providers offer good solutions for testing, repair instructions or applications for diagnostics and measurement, TecDoc is additionally offering an electronic replacement parts catalogue. This is missing from the other providers for the independent aftermarket,” says e-learning editor Thorsten Blos, who creates digital content for “autoFACHMANN” and works as a technical trainer.

“autoFACHMANN” covers both the OE market and the independent market with its training content. For the digital lesson on finding parts in electronic replacement parts catalogues, the editorial team of “autoFACHMANN” chose TecAlliance from the various IAM software solutions and integrated our tutorial on the TecDoc Catalogue. This tutorial is aimed at the approximately 15,600 trainees in the field of automotive mechatronics in their first year of training.

For the future, further cooperation and additional tutorials are planned.

You can find more information about “autoFACHMANN” at www.autofachmann.de.