We met the aftermarket community at Nexus’ N! Connecting Days in Shanghai

After more than one and a half year of the beginning of the pandemic emergency, we were really happy to attend the “N! Connecting Days”. About 150 representatives and experts of the automotive aftermarket followed the invitation of Nexus Automotive International to join their conference in Shanghai from July 14-15.

Day one started with a general meeting for dealer members that was also attended by industry associations, consulting companies and some parts manufacturers. For many years, our local team has supported Nexus’ members in China by introducing dealer-related products and services to help their business growing. Day two kicked off with an in-house trade fair where we had the chance to build deeper ties face to face with the participating companies. We also presented our tailor-made offers for the Asia-Pacific region including brand data and API service.

We are looking back at two days packed with an exciting program around aftermarket business and the future of replacement parts distribution.

Established in 2014, Nexus Automotive International is a global alliance of automotive vehicle and truck parts distributors and suppliers across the world providing local support and innovative global services. Nexus Automotive International has been hosting the N! Connecting Days since 2017.

It’s good to know that we simplify management of trading group meetings

We found an answer to a pervasive problem: Information about ITG membership structures and upcoming events or conferences is widely spread across channels like ITG websites and portals, mailing lists, phone calls and the manufacturers’ CRM systems.

The lack of standardised, centralised information and processes ultimately impacts the meeting quality because representatives are not optimally prepared and often unable to access all the relevant information on the spot. We are proud to support parts manufacturers in organising meetings at international trade group events. How exactly does it work? Learn more about myITG here!