We launched our interview series TecTalk

We connect the automotive aftermarket community. This is why many well-known players accepted the invitation to the professional video studio at our booth at Automechanika Frankfurt. The result: TecTalk, that is exciting interviews on trending topics that move the independent automotive aftermarket.

We will publish new content every Wednesday. A total of eleven episodes of the podcast and video series were recorded during Automechanika Frankfurt. Christian Müller, our Vice President Marketing, acts as host while he interviews a wide range of partners from the aftermarket ecosystem.

We’re already touching a very hot topic in our first episode: sustainability or more precisely circular economy. Maria Bonelli is CEO of circular economy specialist C-ECO, that is a kind of “hidden sustainability champion” mostly known for CormanNet, one of their service brands. Maria spent all her career in the automotive aftermarket dealing with the circular economy topic and is super knowledgeable.

In our interview she talked about the importance of sustainability in the automotive aftermarket and current EU projects on remanufacturing and core management.

Maria Bonelli, CEO of circular economy specialist C-ECO

She also discussed the imminent challenges of the electrification of the car parc and the special challenges of remanufacturing electric vehicle batteries, and why the younger generation is bringing about a fundamental structural change in the market with its attitude to ownership and sustainability. So, in a nutshell: urgent topic and a very smart and knowledgeable guest.

Robert Stevens, Director Workshop Networks and Technology at GROUPAUTO International.

In episode two of TecTalk we’re joined by another industry hotshot, Robert Stevens from GROUPAUTO International. In his role as Director Workshop Networks and Technology he brings extensive knowledge of the international tradegroup business to the table. Robert’s expertise covers the whole aftermarket value chain. We were very happy when he agreed to participate because he is really knowledgeable and always looking ahead on how to tackle the topics coming upon our industry.

According to Robert, the three most important drivers for the sustainable development of workshop networks in the automotive aftermarket are standardisation, integration and cooperation. We talked about what’s currently cooking at GROUPAUTO and their recent expansions, the state of in-vehicle or telematics data, why e-commerce is not solely about pricing but additional services, the implications of the increasing “loss of ownership”, and about the fact that changes in the market often happen more slowly than we initially expect. Overall: great insights from a forward-thinking industry leader.

The TecTalk podcast is available wherever podcasts are available. The videos can be accessed via our YouTube channel: tec.al/YouTube.