We launch our new Partner Program

Today we launch our new “TecAlliance Partner Programto support software vendors and consultants who resell, integrate and advise on our products and solutions to help businesses grow and succeed in the global automotive aftermarket.

For almost 30 years, our products and solutions have been supporting automotive aftermarket players in expanding their businesses by harnessing the power of standardised data – from parts manufacturers and dealers to workshops and fleet operators. Software vendors and consultants around the globe are aiding our customers in getting the most out of the solutions. The new TecAlliance Partner Program is designed to fuel growth for current and new partners by helping them gain skills to grow faster and earn more.

“Over the past 20 years, we have built up a network of partners. Based on the experience gained during this time, we have decided to introduce our new Partner Program. We believe this new initiative in partner-centricity will tighten and strengthen the cooperation”.

Robert Szwed, Vice President Partner Management.

Based on their expertise and market roles, TecAlliance Partners will receive dedicated packages containing training programmes, priority support, early access to the latest developments and solution pilots as well as extended marketing and sales support.

“From now on, all our partners will get access to all TecAlliance solutions and the knowledge to offer maximum benefits to their customers through highest possible integration and service quality. Partners can provide ‘one-stop shopping’ to their customers because they cover the complete value chain in the automotive market. This helps them to generate additional revenue and improve market recognition”, summarises Robert.

The programme contains one consultant status and three partner statuses (Partner, Silver Partner and Gold Partner) and includes seven expertise areas: TecDoc Catalogue Reseller, TecDoc Data Supplier Expert, TecDoc Data Integrator, TecCom Solutions Integrator, TecRMI Module Integrator, TecRMI Application Reseller and TecFleet Expert.

For more information about our Partner Program please visit our dedicated landing page.