We introduce a new quality label for our TecCom parts suppliers

Analogous to our well-established quality seals “TecDoc Certified Data Supplier” and “TecDoc Premier Data Supplier”, we are introducing the quality label “TecCom Certified Supplier” for parts suppliers connected to our TecCom B2B platform. The TecCom solutions cover all order-to-invoice processes in the automotive aftermarket. Because the aftermarket community benefits greatly from the standardised messages for these processes, the TecCom Excellence Program validates and certifies the message quality delivered by parts suppliers. This considers customers’ requirements for data consistency and standardisation.

TecCom Order is the leading B2B platform for order processing in Europe and is used by more than 280 parts manufacturers and 35,000 wholesalers worldwide. From availability requests and ordering aftermarket parts to digital invoice management and parts returns, everything is covered by a TecCom solution.

“As a customer-focused company and trustworthy partner, we want to steer the automotive aftermarket community toward a successful future. Data quality is a topic that concerns parts suppliers and buyers alike. That is why we want to ensure message quality on the TecCom platform through a transparent validation and certification process that benefits all parties in the supply chain”

Dr. Loïc Winterhalter, Product Owner TecAlliance

Data quality as a competitive advantage

We gives parts suppliers a strong incentive with the label “TecCom Certified Supplier”, which allows them to display their high quality. Prior to certification, the message format is analysed in close cooperation with our team. The validation translates into a star rating system visible for all the buyer organisations connected to the TecCom Portal.

Message standard enables process automation

Optimum standardised message quality enables wholesale dealers to automate and speed up their processes, from availability request and goods receiving to invoice verification. With TecCom’s Excellence Program wholesalers and distributors can efficiently compare their suppliers. The rating system serves as a business catalyst, allowing buyers to evaluate new partnerships and strengthen established business relationships.

“Transparency and reliability are the backbones of our business. With our new initiative, we enable buyers to benefit from an enhancement in message quality. We are eager to ensure that our suppliers’ great success in adhering to our quality standards will be recognised throughout the industry.”

Timo Frömberg, Business Consultant TecAlliance

More information about TecCom is available at: https://tec.al/TecCom.